Junk Food Guy in the Media!

Junk Food Guy & Hostess Carrot Cake Donettes

The Street, 04/10/2017


Junk Food Guy & Arroz Dessert

Eater DC, 04/10/2017



Junk Food Guy & Peeps Oreos

Cosmopolitan, 10/11/2016

Yahoo News, 10/12/2016

Bustle, 10/12/2016

Teen Vogue, 02/17/2017

CNET, 02/20/2017

Grub Street, 02/27/2017

Buzzfeed, 03/02/2017

Huffington Post, 03/02/2017

AOL News, 03/02/2017

SELF, 03/02/2017

Thrillist, 03/03/2017

Teen Vogue, 04/06/2017


Junk Food Guy & Pringles LOUD

Yahoo News, 01/10/2017


Junk Food Guy & G Sandwich Shop Sandwich Face-off

Eater DC, 09/08/2016


Junk Food Guy & Oreo Thins

TODAYonline, 07/06/2015


Junk Food Guy & Thin Mint Ice Cream Bars

Bustle, 04/09/2015


Junk Food Guy in FoodBusinessNews.net

Food Business News, 04/28/2015

Food Business News, 03/03/2015


Junk Food Guy & Red Velvet Oreos:

Washington Post, 02/09/2015

The print version of today's Washington Post article on #RedVelvetOreo

A post shared by Eric Huang (@junkfoodguy) on


Frank 151 Interview – Full text here.

Featured by friend Michelle Li, evening anchor for WISC-TV in Madison, Wisconsin – here

Junk Food Guy on McIntyre in the Morning, Talk Radio KABC 790, regarding the non-melting Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches:

Junk Food Guy & Why People Love Cheez-Its:

Yahoo News / AP, 10/22/2014

Chicago Sun Times, 10/22/2014


Junk Food Guy & The Secondary Junk Food Market:

Time Money, 07/28/2014


Junk Food Guy & Limited Edition Limeade Oreos:

E! Online, 06/25/2014

Elite Daily, 06/26/2014

The Daily Meal, 06/27/2013


Junk Food Guy & Doritos LOADED:

Time Money, 06/16/2014

Fox News, 06/19/2014


Junk Food Guy & Mariah Carey’s Butterfly Drink:

Entertainment Weekly, 6/11/14


Junk Food Guy & Limited Edition Fruit Punch Oreos:

Consumerist, 04/03/2014


Junk Food Guy & Taco Bell Choco Taco Dessert Kit:

Consumerist, 10/04/2013

Huffington Post, 10/10/2013


Junk Food Guy & Jif Whips:

Consumerist, 09/26/2013


Junk Food Guy & Pumpkin Spice M&Ms:

The Daily Meal, 09/09/2013

CNN iReport, 09/10/2013

Consumerist, 09/10/2013

Consumerist, 09/10/2013

Yahoo! Finance, 09/12/2013


Junk Food Guy & Watermelon Oreos:

Radio Patriot News, 06/2013

Atlanta Journal Constitution, 06/17/2013

Business Insider, 06/17/2013

Clarion Ledger, 06/17/2013

Yahoo! Finance, 06/17/2013

WPXI, 06/17/2013

Bloomberg Video, 06/18/2013 (VIDEO)

Hot 99.5, Kane Show Mention, 06/18/2013 (RADIO @ 25:30)

Yahoo! Finance, 06/18/2013

Babalu Bad Boyz, 06/18/2013

95KSJ, 06/18/2013

Dallas News, 06/18/2013

Yahoo! Voices, 06/19/2013

Huffington Post, 06/19/2013

Huffington Post, 06/20/2013

B937, 06/19/2013

Thrillist, 06/25/2013


Junk Food Guy & Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt:

Huffington Post, 2/19/12



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  1. Kahnfucius says:

    Ahh, the JFG GLOREEE BOY page. I’ll wait until you’re profiled in either the Wall Street Journal (with accompanied hand-drawn portrait) or the New Yorker (with accompanied high-brow ads and higher-brow cartoons).

  2. Jacob says:

    Ever heard of PopCorners Chips.
    Incredible. Just order some and try them.

  3. Mike says:


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    My website gives information on all things popcorn related. If you would like to exchange links.
    I would be happy to do so. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know.
    The link information is:
    The Popcorn Guru



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