REVIEW: Birthday Cake Waffle Waffle & Wait, Eclipse? What?

JFG Nation, I’ve been busy with life / work / impending child / news / sports, that the one story I have not followed at ALL is an eclipse that is happening soon. I think. Did I miss it?

Is this a lunar or solar eclipse? When is it supposed to happen? Yes I know I could Google this stuff but I prefer to have random people inform me. Should I be wearing something? How do I selfie with the eclipse? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Birthday Cake Waffle Waffle!!

Waffle Waffle is a company I sampled at the Summer Fancy Food Show, and they reached out to me to try their Birthday Cake Waffle (Waffle). Here’s the PR Buzz:

Back by popular demand, WaffleWaffle will be reintroducing it’s decadent Birthday Cake waffles. They’ve perfected the recipe that will leave you wanting to celebrate everyday! … The snack is the perfect grab-n-go treat for when you need a quick bite, want something to crave your sweet tooth, or if you’re just in the mood for some WaffleWaffle goodies. And of course, it wouldn’t be a pre launch if WaffleWaffle didn’t host a giveaway for a chance to try the product before it hits shelves on August 28th, which can be found on their Facebook page. So come celebrate with WaffleWaffle and make everyday feel like it’s your birthday!

The Birthday Cake WaffleWaffle hits shelves nationwide in 7-eleven on August 28, 2017.


WHY OR WHY NOT? I opened the package and the waffle IMMEDIATELY smelled like birthday cake. The waffle was fun looking – thick and browned and spotted with red and blue and green. I took a bite and the waffle TASTED like birthday cake – sweet and vanilla with the syrupy sugar coating mimicking the flavor of icing. My only complaint was that, untoasted, you could tell this was a shelf stable product. It had that similar mouthfeel to an Entenmanns or TastyKake donut.

I decided to toast it to get the full effect: if the untoasted version was good, the toasted version was GREAT. The heat helped melt away much of the artificial feel and the waffle became more yeasty – reminding me both in flavor and feel of a good pancake. Which is random, I know. The birthday cake flavor remained although the sugary coating tasted less like icing and more like melted hot sugar, almost like a syrup (hence the pancake-y taste). These Waffle Wafflea tasted AWESOME when toasted.

Really enjoyed this product a LOT. Thumbs up!

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? This isn’t the healthiest thing in the world but not as much sugar as I expected – so that’s a plus!

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me, but you can buy it online, and at Walmart and 7-11.


COST? n/a.



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  1. John W says:

    Anyone in the Washington DC area next Monday afternoon will be able to see some of the effects of the solar eclipse, JFG, but Washington is too far north for it to be in the path of the total eclipse. Early afternoon is when the moon will start to obscure the sun, and by approx 2:40 pm, a little over 80% of the sunlight will be blocked.

  2. Elisa says:

    Should be fun to see whatever we get here in the DC area. Just be extra careful if you’re on the roads and observe safely!

  3. holly says:

    but why is it called “waffle waffle”…i don’t get it

  4. beeb says:

    well first off congratulations on the impending birth of your child, I must’ve missed a post along the way. And yes, solar eclipse….we get 98% here in GA…..I hope someone saved me some glasses! I can’t wait

  5. Kelly says:

    I am a bit late to this party! My family traveled to Casper, Wyoming to view the total solar eclipse and it was AMAZING!!!! Even 99% isn’t even close to the full effect. It isn’t possible to express how fantastic it was. There is another one in 7 years that will cross the United States and I can’t stress strongly enough that you HAVE to get somewhere to view it.

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