REVIEW: UTZ Lobster Potato Chips & Discovering An Album All Over Again

JFG Nation, one side effect of my recent move is that I unpacked a BUNCH of albums that had been packed away for well over a year. A lot of “huh, I forgot I had this” moments.

I’ve been listening to these albums recently and re-discovering how awesome some of them are. Have you had those moments? A song comes on the radio and you’re like, “oh yeah, I forgot this song existed!” And then you dig out the album and think, “my god this album is chock full of hits!”

Not to date myself but I’ve had that moment recently with the Beatles “Abbey Road.” I know it’s an oldie but I haven’t listened to this album in years. Now I can’t get enough – I’ve listened to it on repeat several times now. The flow, the way the songs connect. Golden Slumbers – are you kidding me?! Genius.

Have you had a re-discovering an old album or song or music that you haven’t listened to in a long time moment lately? Let me know in the comments below; I know I’m not the only one out there.

Today’s junk food: UTZ Lobster Potato Chips!!

I love Lobster but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lobster chips before. Crab chips can usually hide behind Old Bay spice, but Lobster isn’t the same. This’ll be interesting.

DO THESE TASTE GOOD? Amazingly, yes.

WHY OR WHY NOT? When I opened the bag, they didn’t smell like much. I popped some chips into my mouth…there was a general savoriness but it didn’t come from a traditional onion/garlic blend. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Was I tasting Lobster?

Towards the end of the chew right before I swallowed I started to get a general seafood stock flavor…slightly buttery and briny. Then I swallowed and it hit me – definite Lobster flavor. Sort of uncanny really – it wasn’t until the aftertaste and my smacking my tongues and lips that the Lobster flavor came through. Subtle but definitely there. It had the flavor of the sweetness that Lobster has, along with the sort of essence that you taste when you taste Lobster stock and butter combined.

The more I smacked my lips, the more I tasted it. The flavor is subtle for sure but in a lot of ways so is lobster – it’s the butter and salt that helps bring out the sweet flavor of Lobster meat. This ain’t one of those chips that tastes like Lobster from the beginning – the power here is all in the latter half of the chew and the aftertaste.

All in all, REALLY interesting and tasty. Not sure it will wow chip enthusiasts but for me I give Utz huge props for daring this flavor. I liked them!

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? This did not taste like a lobster roll to me – no mayo or celery flavor.

PURCHASED AT: Wegmans, Germantown, MD.

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Cardboard display, chip aisle.

COST? $2.99.



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  1. Alek says:

    Interesting how they nail the flavor without the actual lobster!!!

  2. Shorneys says:

    I am concerned by the fact that the printed ingredients list had to be amended by covering it over with a label. What were the differences between the two, if you can tell?

  3. Kn says:

    My 16m old is totally into BeatBugs on Netflix- they build episodes around Beatles songs. So catchy! He loves it and I don’t mind watching it.

  4. Michelle says:

    My recent “rediscovery” was Radiohead’s OK Computer. It’s been recently re-mastered and re-released, along with a disc of B-sides. I’ve been listening to it a lot over the past couple of weeks, and it really holds up (and holds together as an album).

    I’m not sure if I could bring myself to try seafood-flavored chips. Maybe if I wasn’t paying for them, I would, but I’m a real wuss when it comes to new food flavors.

  5. holly says:

    prawn cocktail for the win!

  6. Sara Kinn says:

    I spent about 10 hours last winter wallpapering a bathroom while continuously listening to Pandora on shuffle and ended up revisiting a lot of music I first loved about a decade ago. That being said the mix of They Might be Giants, Nick Cave and Salt ‘n’ Peppa made me question if I’m a normal person.

  7. I love these chips! You perfectly described the taste. They are not a heavy handed attempt, or heavily flavored. Very subtle. I am a big fan of the Utz Kettle Cooked Chips, regular flavor only, and these are actually tastier, in my view. They seem slightly thicker, and the occasional saltier one is a bonus. Am really afraid they might disappear from the shelves for lack of a following, but I do hope people give them a try, and get to appreciate them for the totally sophisticated snack food they are. Thank you for your excellent review.

    I recently listened to Tom Paxton’s Morning Again album. The man is a true folk hero.

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