Review (x3): Quest Hero Bars (Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla Caramel, Chocolate Caramel Pecan) & Wish List Movie Sequels?

JFG Nation, last Friday I talked about what the best movie sequels were, and asked you to give me your favorite sequels. Specifically, #2 movies, NOT #3 movies. Surprisingly, Fast and the Furious 2 did not make the list. Which is weird, because it had scenes like this:

(“You ain’t passin’ me dawg, you ain’t passin me!” Yet he follows that up with “COME ON!” Interesting. It’s like HE doesn’t even know what he wants.)

My question today is: what movie do you WISH had a sequel? Where you wanted to see what happens next, but there are no plans to do so? It’s Comic Con weekend (or it was) so why not let your nerd flag fly a little bit? My wish list:

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION 2: RED AND ANDY’S BOAT ADVENTURE: Again, I want to see Red and Andy running their boat business in Mexico. Maybe one of the people they’d take out on their boat was one of the softball people from the other jails! They’d laugh about how difficult W-2s are to read. And maybe Boggs would show up to apologize to Andy! I mean, the script writes itself here, people.

THE MATRIX 4: NEO’S RETURN AS JOHN WICK: In this post war era between the Machines and Zion, Morpheus and Niobe argue about mundane aspects of life, wishing Sentinels could just come back and add some energy to their relationship. 45 mins of the machines figuring out where to bury Neo’s body, before he resurrects himself as John Wick and starts blowing people away. The coolest characters of the entire series, the Ghost Twins, get some more screen time in any way possible.

INCEPTION 2: THE INCEPTIONING: Peeling back even more layers as we find out that Leo’s character was not only still in a dream, but that the entire concept of inception was a fabrication as he wakes up shivering next to Rose’s raft-door.

What about you, JFG Nation? Tell me which sequels you’d like to see in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Quest Hero Bars (Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla Caramel, Chocolate Caramel Pecan)!!

I’m not a huge protein bar guy, but I’ve reviewed some of Quest products before. Quest sent me another round of their protein bars which are in stores now, their Quest Hero bars. These look like their previous line of cereal bars but with an added gooey addition of caramel or blueberry. Here we go with another round of protein bar reviews!

FIRST: Quest Hero Blueberry Cobbler!

The PR Buzz: “With a white chocolate protein coating, deliciously sweet and gooey blueberry flavored filling and the satisfying chewiness of a Beyond Cereal Bar at its core, the Blueberry Cobbler Hero Bar provides 17 grams of protein and weighs in at only 4g Net Carbs. If you’re #OnAQuest to ditch junk food, this Hero will rescue from your sweet cravings.”


WHY OR WHY NOT? I didn’t get a HUGE blueberry flavor. I got a lot of Quest’s standard white chocolate flavor, the sort-of-Rice-Krispie-treat cereal bar middle, and a lot of sweet notes generally. When I tasted the blueberry goo by itself, yes, I did get a tiny bit of blueberry. But all together, there wasn’t enough blueberry flavor at all for me to recognize blueberry cobbler. Didn’t taste bad, and I think people will enjoy this, but I would’ve wanted more fruit.

SECOND: Quest Hero Vanilla Caramel!

The PR Buzz: “A sweet, white chocolate protein coating surrounds real almonds, gooey caramel, and a chewy Beyond Cereal Bar core – the Vanilla Caramel Hero Bar is a flavor that’s anything but “vanilla”. Fight the candy cravings with 16 grams of proteins and only 4g of Net Carbs and enjoy every bite along the way. If you’re #OnAQuest to stop sweets in their tracks, this Hero is on your side.”


WHY OR WHY NOT? These were immediately better than the Blueberry Cobbler bars because the caramel flavor was more present. Same white chocolate coating, same cereal bar interior, but the flavor of the caramel, while not overpowering, was noticeable right away and provided more depth to the bar. Still very very sweet but less one note as the blueberry ones. I give these a thumbs up!

THIRD: Quest Hero Chocolate Caramel Pecan!

The PR Buzz: “With great taste comes great macros. If your flavor sense is tingling for a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar, the Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar is for you. It’s covered in protein chocolate and covered in pecans, a gooey caramel filling and a Beyond Cereal Bar core. With 15 grams of protein and only 4g of Net Carbs, this Hero is #OnAQuest to help you put bad snacks behind bars.”


WHY OR WHY NOT? Let’s get right to it: this is easily the best bar of the bunch. Same texture of the cereal bar inside, but the chocolate exterior made this taste like an actual candy bar rather than the super sweet almost-cloying coating of the first two bars. The chocolate, the caramel – it all tastes like you think it would and should. Good caramel presence. Didn’t get washed away with the chocolate. Pecan flavor? Sure a little bit – interesting toffee-like notes. These bars were good. I liked them a lot. Of all the Quest bars I’ve ever tried, I might like these the most. Really nice execution here, Quest.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? The Allulose that Quest uses as their sugars may take some getting used to for people who haven’t had it before. But I think protein bar eaters will like these, especially the chocolate one.

Thanks again to Quest for letting me try these!

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me, but you can find these wherever protein bars are sold. Also, online.


COST? n/a.



Discuss - 3 Comments

  1. M says:

    I just put my list of #2 sequels up, but I was shocked that Terminator 2 was not mentioned. Arguably the best out of all the Terminator movies.

    I’d like to see a sequel to the Golden Compass, I though it was an interesting movie and they left it kind of open ended.

    Some others:

    -The Big Lebowski
    -The Princess Bride
    -District 9
    -My Blue Heaven

  2. Jessica says:

    First off, my issue with Inception 2 is that Inception was actually based on real science (lucid dreaming), which I became obsessed with and kind of practiced for a year or so after seeing the movie.

    Second, how about Yes Man? Certainty Terrence Bundley created a bunch more wackadoodles. Might be neat to see them from his point of view…although maybe not the naked scene.

    Finally, on the Quest Hero Bars: I keep hearing from my fit friends that these would’ve been a better idea if the Beyond Cereal bars hadn’t been created first (I have yet to try them, surprisingly since I exist on protein bars). Do you agree?

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