Review: Limited Edition TastyKake Birthday Kake Mini Donuts, Blueberry Sweet Rolls, & Peyton Lit KD Up

JFG Nation, after the MLB All-Star game, there is always the ESPYs, or the most pointless award show in sports. When I heard Peyton Manning was hosting, my immediate thought was “that big stiff?” But then he delivered this gem:

That’s some hot fire right there. Of course, it looked a little TOO perfect, and later KD admitted he was in on the joke. Still, it was funny while it lasted.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition TastyKake Birthday Kake Mini Donuts, Blueberry Sweet Rolls!!

My friends at TastyKake sent me these goodies to try and review! I’ve already reviewed their Orange Creme Kandy Kakes and Blueberry Mini Donuts here. The other two, however: FAIR GAME! The PR buzz:

Ring in the season with Tastykake’s all new Birthday Cake Mini Donuts, the perfect bite-sized treat to satisfy your summer sweet tooth. Featuring a birthday cake flavored donut covered in a festive colored crunch, these sweets will always give you something to celebrate. They are available everywhere Tastykake is sold June 5 through August 26.

Also featured in Tastykake’s line of summer limited edition offerings, are:
  • Blueberry Sweet Rolls feature a sweet roll with delicious blueberry filling topped with a rich, creamy icing.

Blueberry Sweet Rolls! Sort of like cinnamon rolls but with blueberries and a layer of blueberry confection within.


WHY OR WHY NOT? This is basically a sugary syrupy sugar sugar sugar bomb. It’s not BAD tasting, but for my tongue, it was just waaaay to sugary. The bun was drenched and soaked with the icing, and even though I kept it in a nice temperature controlled environment, the whole thing ate a little moist. Still, the artificial blueberry flavor was there, so I can see where they were going with this and why people would like it. So so so sweet, though.

Birthday cake donuts! Super colorful.


WHY OR WHY NOT? The whole thing is basically a mini crumb donut but with fun colors in the crumbs. Blue, red, green. Tiny sugar pastry bombs for my mouth. I have to admit; I didn’t really taste much birthday cake flavor here. But who cares – the underlying mini crumb donut flavor was EXCELLENT. So excellent. TastyKake, I love your donuts. These were no exception. Even though I didn’t get birthday cake flavor, I did get TASTYNESS OH DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Thank you TastyKake for letting me try these!

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me, but buy ’em wherever TastyKakes are sold near you!.


COST? n/a.



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  1. ruckus says:

    My Dad likes the tastycake mini donuts. Me not so much. I may have to pick him up a bag of these to see what his take is.

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