Review: Sunday Cats Organic Freezies & Ringside Tix for Mayweather/McGregor Are…

JFG Nation, the two most annoying personalities in sports, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, are finally going to try and beat each others’ asses at the end of August. And, since Conor is boxing and won’t be allowed to grapple, this will likely be an annoying drawn out but definitive butt whoopin’ by Mayweather. Which is so so so annoying. But I digress.

The numbers coming out of this fight have been very very interesting. For example: The Pay Per View price is $99 which, I have to be honest, seems super reasonable given how anticipated this fight is. And the fighters’ purses, at the end? Here was an early estimate:

Great googly moogly – $400 million for Mayweather? God I hate him.

But the most interesting number for me coming out of this was the price of ringside tickets for the fight. The fight, which will be held at the T-Mobile Arena and NOT at the MGM in Vegas, has tickets up for sale now. And ringside tickets are going for:


Who the hell is spending 99K to watch these idiots fight? Even if I won the Powerball I wouldn’t spend that much. I can think of so many better things to buy with $99K. A downpayment on a house. Maybe a Tesla S. Maybe a few thousand bags of Doritos. OR LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE THAN TO WATCH FLOYD AND CONOR FIGHT.

Furthermore, why the heck do I need to sit ringside anyways? The seats LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND the ringside seats are only $54K. THAT’S A $45,000 DROP FOR A DIFFERENCE OF EIGHT FEET. Hey – I’ll squint and buy a new car, how ’bout that?

Tell me in the comments below what you make of all this. Or what you would do rather do with $99K. No wonder they expect Floyd to walk away with $400 million – woo lawdy.

Today’s junk food: Sunday Cats Organic Freezies!!

I love a good popsicle / freeze pops, so when Sunday Cats reached out to me to try their organic ice pop, I said ok. Here’s the press buzz: “Sunday Cats, the first organic and natural version of the freezie pop! Made with real fruit juice, whole food electrolytes, no sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives, these vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free pops have all the good stuff – and are DELICIOUS. Sunday Cats comes in three refreshing flavors – Pineapple, Watermelon, and Strawberry Lemonade.” Let’s get into it.


WHY OR WHY NOT? The whole thing is organic and natural, so no artificial colors either – the pops themselves didn’t look QUITE like the pops on the front of the box, but I was prepared for that.

The pops themselves were straightforward – nice and sweet and cold. You could tell that there were electrolytes within by the TINY hint of salt. The gums kept these nice and loose, not ice spears unable to be chomped into. But how was the flavor?

Despite being fruity and flavorful, all of the pops generally tasted the same but with slight variations. Each pop was a mix of organic fruit juice, and the combos to me generally tasted like a mix of apple juice with a hint of strawberry. Which was unexpected, but definitely tasty. But I did have these moments where, with my eyes closed, I was thinking, “Hey this is a delicious organic fruity ice pop” and then I’d open my eyes and think, “But it tastes nothing like pineapple.”

The Strawberry Lemonade was definitely the best tasting. Basically, the citrus of lemon worked really well off of the base flavor. It wasn’t a sugary sweet lemonade, but once that was crisp and well balanced. Thumbs up for that one.

The other two flavors didn’t taste like watermelon or pineapple to me. Maybe there were hints, but the flavor was drowned out by the apple taste. Like I said – still really good, and if these were market as Watermelon-Apple, StrawberryLemonade-Apple, Pineapple-Apple, then I think the flavor would be match the name.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Thank you Sunday Cats for letting me try these!

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me, but buy ’em here.


COST? $6.29 for a six pack.



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  1. Matt says:

    6.29 for a six pack ? Wow

  2. Sara Kinn says:

    Not to start a battle of the sexes but I can just about guarantee that not one of the people buying a ringside seat for $99,000 is a female.

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