Review: New Roasted Garlic & Ranch Baked Ruffles & WARNING: Switching ISPs

JFG Nation, this weekend I will be undertaking a harrowing task. Something no one would want to face or do. No, I’m not slaying a dragon. No, I’m not carrying a ring to Mount Doom. No, I’m not facing aliens in intergalactic combat.

I’m changing internet providers and self-installing new internet into my home.

<dramatic pause>

ARE YOU CRAZY you scream. SELF INSTALL?? Who am you, Bill Gates? Do you think you have any hope of figuring out WHY THE BLUNKING LIGHTS KEEP BLINKING???

As a former semi-computer programmer (ok, fine I worked in a media lab for one summer burning CDs) I’d like to think I SORT OF know computers. And the ISP people claimed this would be easy. “Self install is a piece of cake” they said. “You won’t have to wait for a service guy to show up” they said. OOOOOOO K. We shall see. Send me good vibes, JFG Nation. Hopefully the experience is better than watching a guy from the company on the cellphone with headquarters saying, ” no it’s still blinking….still blinking… no it’s still blinking.”

Have you ever self installed internet before? Was it a friggin nightmare? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: New Roasted Garlic & Ranch Baked Ruffles!!

I love Baked Ruffles. The crispy the snap the Crunch. So so so easy to eat.


WHY OR WHY NOT? When I opened the package up and smelled, definite garlic aroma. Not overpowering though, but definitely noticeable – otherwise t was generalied savory smell.

One crunch and I was in heaven. Great garlic flavor without killing my breath. Bold tang of garlic which matched the tang of the ranch seasoning. Good creaminess to the ranch that helped smooth out the flavor and keep the garlic from being one-note. Amazing Crunch. Simple flavor with lots of punch. I ate the whole bag in one sitting.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Might wanna buy more than one bag.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Frederick, MD


COST? $2.50 on sale.



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  1. Lindemann says:

    What are you doing for the self-installation? I assume you aren’t laying cable. Or are you? Brave man. Godspeed to you.

  2. M says:

    As long as you aren’t changing the access point for your connection you should be fine. It basically consists of switching out a modem, hooking it up to your router, and that’s about it.

  3. Vincent says:

    self install = you plug a cable into a modem and wait a minute for the lights to pop on. you got this.

  4. jwoolman says:

    Ha ha. I always self- install except for the first time we got cable internet when they insisted and it was free installation. I read up on installing for a Mac because I knew the guy would be baffled. I was right. I had to show him how to do it… Not much to do since I prepared everything on my computer. That was in olden times and everything is very automatic on computers now.

    But I’m a techie and was used to fiddling with wires and gadgets in the lab and am attached to my keyboard at the wrist. The crucial difference between technophiles like me and technophobes like my brother is that even as a little girl child I wasn’t afraid to push buttons to see what happens and also was patient enough to try try again. No fear of failure. It helps that I now know pushing such buttons won’t make anything explode (I even taught electronics once upon a time), but really for self-install kits they are idiot-proof so explosions won’t happen and there is only one way to plug something in. Just be brave and keep telling yourself that you’re at least as smart as the average isp employee and if they can do it, so can you.

    Never show fear to a computer, by the way. They are like dogs. They can smell fear. Speak to them kindly, they are more like two-year-olds than adults. You just have to figure out what they mean by their limited vocabulary. Stay calm. Unlike a two-year-old, you can turn computers OFF if they throw a tantrum.

  5. Surfer Sandman says:

    When I moved, I chose to let Comcast do all the heavy lifting. For like the first time in ages, the technician was early and installation was painless. I have done set-ups on my own and they’re just not worth the hassle to me.

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