These 10 Summer Fancy Food Show Pics Will Give You Meat Sweats

JFG Nation, I’m back! Back from New York, back from the Summer Fancy Food Show. I’m pretty sure I ate over 8,000 calories for three days straight, while also walking more than 14,000 steps each day. Does that make up for the calories? Please say it does.

On Sunday morning I strapped up and headed for the Javits Center for the Summer Fancy Food Show! If you still aren’t sure what this is, I discussed it last week.

Super professional looking. I ate a LOT of things, but today I thought I’d discuss, in pure Buzzfeed style:


1. This Jamon Iberico from Cinco Jotas was my very first bite of the show. Loin in front, shoulder in back. Buttery and so expensive in real life. Each slices was a mortgage payment.

2. This prosciutto from Volpi was also very good. It’s a common sight to see people slicing large meat hunks at the show. I wanted to just ask if I could bite right from the leg.

3. These duck liver mousse w/ cognac ice cream cones from Alexian are a yearly favorite of mine. 10/10 for display.

4. This brisket from Wagshal’s was EPIC – amazingly tender, super flavorful (good run), and glistening with fat. What more could I ask for? Plus I went to law school right next to their flagship. LOVE WAGSHALS.

5. This duck bacon from Maple Leaf Farms was also an old favorite. Duck bacon pretty much resembled Canadian bacon, but with a much heartier chew and less fat. Excellent.

6. This smoked salmon poke from Blue Hill Bay was great for people who want to eat poke but are scared of raw fish. I dunno who these people are, but the flavor on these spoonfuls was on point.

7. This barbacoa taco from Frontera Grill was not made by Rick Bayless, unfortunately, but was still an excellent display of the prepackaged barbacoa sauce. So so tender. Taco time is always my favorite Day 2 activity.


8. This fish chicharrons display popped up, of all places, in the row of displays from Latvia. They were delicious – fishy, salty, and super crispy. Thumbs up.

9. This bacon from Neuske’s is the best bacon of the show. This NYC deli’s bacon is used in Potbelly sandwich shops across the US. You could smell this booth from yards away.

10. These duck rillette from Alexian was my favorite cracker topping of the show. Just shredded duck meat and duck fat on a cracker. Decadence…in cracker form.

11. BONUS PIC: This culatello prosciutto from Volpi was award winning and you could tell why. No added nitrates and he meat was STILL flavorful as hell. The smoothest prosciutto I’ve EVER tasted. Like butter. Too good.

That was my meat review of the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show. Which meats would you love to try? Let me know in the comments below.

Good to be back!



Discuss - 3 Comments

  1. Alek says:

    I fell in love with the duck bacon! I couldn’t believe it was duck. I loved the meats too.

  2. Tenko says:

    I’ve actually had the cognac duck mousse before. Of these, I want to try the duck and fish most.

  3. Peter says:

    Argh, this all looks amazing. One question: does Nueske’s self-ID as an NYC deli now? I had always thought they were Midwestern, and their website still shows them based in Wisconsin.

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