Which Flamin’ Hots Have YOU Had?

JFG Nation, I’m back but jet lagged and exhausted. Today’s post is what you call a phone post, because I am phoning it in today.

While I was in California, I spotted the following Flamin’ Hot snacks at a Walgreens. I am a huge fan of Flamin’ Hot stuff and wonder if you are too? Scroll through the below and let me know in the comments what you’ve tried before!

Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Cheetos! Fun fact: my kid will be eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in Week 6 of life.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with LIMON. I’ve had these before, and they are great. Even more tang means even more cheek twisting saliva production.

Just reviewed these Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos last week: a great addition to the line.

I’m convinced I’ve had these XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos before, but haven’t found my blog post on it. Was it all a dream?

I have had these Flamin’ Hot Puffs before, and they were delightful.

I’ve never had these Flamin’ Hot Chester’s Fries…are they as good as Andy Capp’s Hot Fries?

Ah yes, Flamin’ Hot Fritos. I reviewed these here.

So there you have it – tell me what you’d tried, or if you know of OTHER Flamin’ Hot varieties out there! See you tomorrow, JFG Nation.



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  1. M says:

    My wife is addicted to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I think the Flamin’ Hot line is OK, not my favorite.

    They used to have Flamin’ Hot Funyuns, which were good. I feel like they weren’t as good than the Wasabi Funyuns they used to make (so upset those are gone).

  2. Brian Gray says:

    I have had all but the Xtra. Where are those? must have!!! The Funyons are actually the best currently available but I truly miss the Flamin’ Hot Doritos. The Spicy Nacho do not match the old flavor. Do they exist anywhere?

  3. Chip Review says:

    Nothing tops Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. There’s a reason that it is the number 1 selling “chip/snack food” in the U.S. (we cannot verify this statement, nor should you try to).

    Tried them all. And yep, like Brian mentions above the Funyuns version of Flamin’ Hot are stellar.

    Some Frito Lay – Flamin’ Hots that aren’t pictured here:
    – Lay’s Stax
    – Cheetos Bag of Bones
    – Cheetos Oven Baked
    – Munchies
    – Munchos
    – Chester’s Popcorn

  4. Tenko says:

    I’ve only had Cheetos and Fritos. I only liked Fritos. I wish they came in the same sizes as the other flavors, because they’re my favorite of what Frito-Lay makes. I honestly don’t know why they only come in single serve bags or why I only see them at drug and party stores.

  5. Kate says:


    Are ya’ll having a kid?!

  6. Brad says:

    Don’t forget flamin hot Ruffles and Lays

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