Review: Key Lime Pie Twizzlers Filled Twists (Taste of Florida)

JFG Nation, Happy Tuesday!

Today’s junk food: Key Lime Pie Twizzlers Filled Twists (Taste of Florida)!!

Hershey’s has a new line of “Tastes of America” candy, and these Key Lime Pie Twizzlers Filled Twists is one of their Florida tastes. I’m still waiting for the Taste of Boston bean-filled Twists.


WHY OR WHY NOT? For all the complaining people do about Oreo coming out with random flavors, no one is lighting a torch against the fact that Twizzlers aren’t even a licorice-substitute anymore. These Filled Twists are Twizzlers in form only, but they taste like fruit punch and ish. How is THAT ok?

Nevertheless, as a key lime fan, I have to say I really enjoyed these in a weird way. While the outer rubbery “Twizzlers” is kind of bland – a rubbery Twizzlers confection that leans with a bit of citrus – it’s the inner squisher filling that really tastes like key lime pie! It’s almost like the filling of a key lime pie itself (in a more candied form) – there’s an immediate burst of lime and meringue and slightly tart flavor. I was astonished how good these were.

The innards had good lime flavor and weren’t cloying. It almost had the same tartness of real key lime pie; it represented the flavor well enough. Did I get buttery crust? No. But I did get enough meringue-y like flavor that took these beyond just LIME flavor? Yes in spades.

I liked these. A lot.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? You’d think these might color your insides. I didn’t eat enough to find out.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Frederick, MD

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Cardboard kiosk displays along the grocery section.

COST? $1.98



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  1. Jessica says:

    “Real” Key lime pie or “lime pie accepted by non-Florida natives” Key Lime pie? Key Lime flavored stuff rarely does the real stuff justice.

  2. Tenko says:

    I want one, but the shipper at work advertising them doesn’t even have any inside. The bbq Payday sounds disgusting, though! I liked the strawberry KitKat, but the Georgia Reeses tastes like a normal peanut butter cup.

  3. TOm Jones says:

    Saw these at local WMart yesterday…read the package then thought that they must be so fake tasting that I put them back. Now… I guess I have to get them for Sat. movie night. Thanks JFG!

    disclosure… I’m a KL Pie snob having grown up in Miami Beach eating at Joe’s Stone Crab.

  4. Kris says:

    Saw them in the local grocer and my curiosity got the best of me so I had to buy. Had tried other filled ones and was not a fan. Surprisingly, they are really very good, albeit REALLY sweet. Almost too sweet. They don’t taste fake and they’d be perfect if there was some tartness to them, like the pie. Now I’ll have to try the Orange ones.

  5. Christine says:

    These are freaking amazing! SO good. I really wasn’t expecting much but was very pleasantly surprised.

  6. Maria sakhrani says:

    Coming back from Canada I passed by the Walmart in upstate new york and bought two: one for me and one for my young neighbours. This is a bit sweet even for me but enough to satisfy the cravings and the overall taste is not bad. (My neighbours finished the bag in 2 days lol.)

  7. Gail Graf says:

    Key Lime Pie TWIZZLERS are the best!
    I wish it was easier to find. is this just a summer thing?

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