JFG Nation, the bagel place that the JFGal and I frequent always has three meat options for bagel sandwiches: bacon, ham, and sausage. Bacon, ham, sausage. BACON. HAM. SAUSAGE. And I realized recently: MOST breakfast places only give you these three options on a breakfast sandwich. Sure, you could find the rare place that serves you scrapple and eggs, but these three are the mainstays. So – how would you rank them? For me:

SAUSAGE IS #1: I mean, it has to be. A sausage patty is shaped JUST LIKE a bagel, roll, whatever the breakfast sandwich is made of. The breakfast sausage spices. The burst of meaty fat drool that oozes with every bite. The tough meaty chewiness that plays perfectly with the light egg. SAUSAGE IS THE FLAVOR MAKER WITHIN A BREAKFAST SANDWICH.

*Note: Sausage goes to the very end when someone attempts to put links or some sort of split kielbasa in breakfast sandwich. YOU MONSTERS.

FINE, Bacon is #2: Yes, yes, we get it. EVERYONE LOVES BACON, we know. I’m a big fan – my friend Joe saw me eat a heaping plate of it for brunch once because I never got to have it as a kid and I was bewildered by the wondrous meat flats that were in the dining hall. But bacon on a breakfast sandwich is NOT my favorite. First, some sandwiches tend to make the bacon soggy, which defeats the purpose of bacon. I don’t want floppy bacon – I want crispy bacon, damnit. But if it’s crispy enough to hold up to the egg and cheese, it’s usually TOO crispy, i.e. burnt. Getting perfect bacon on an egg sandwich is such a balancing act. I’ve only had a perfect bacon egg cheese sandwich once on a bage;, and a sherpa had to take me there. It was somewhere in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Yeah I know – might as well be Mars.

Ham is the worst: I’m sorry, but it is. Ham is probably the safest of the three meats, since it’s so simple, and easy to cut into ANY shape for convenience, but it’s boring. It’s not crispy, it’s not overly flavorful, it’s not smoky. The only thing ham has going for it is that it’s salty and is sort of pink. Wait, who gives an ish about what color the meat is, you say? I AGREE. Boo ham.

Honorable mention: PORK ROLL. Yes, I love bologna replacements on my egg sandwiches sometimes. WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT.

So, for YOU, JFG Nation: WHICH BREAKFAST PORK REIGNS SUPREME? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Doritos Heat Wave BBQ Chips!!

For more information on the Heat Wave Dorito trend, see my post about the Chipotle Cream ones from last Friday. BBQ is the second flavor in the lineup. Let’s go!


WHY OR WHY NOT? These taste JUST LIKE Fritos Flavor Twists:

These Doritos are Honey BBQ flavored, with all the notes of sweetness and smokiness that you’d expect from a BBQ chip.

Then the heat comes, and I’ll repeat what I said of the previous flavor, “These were definitely spicy. I see where they’ve been hiding all of the spices from the past Doritos Roulette…” The BBQ doesn’t hide the spiciness as well as the Chipotle Cream version, so these chips definitely have a surprisingly strong spice kick. These have a burn.

LOVED these. Tastes just like Fritos Flavor Twists, Plus it ends with spice??? WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.

Will buy these again. Mark it.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Doritos, for your next Heat Wave flavor, you GOTTA do the Sweet Chili Thai ones – I want some of the genuine Thai spice!

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD.


COST? $2.98 on sale.



Discuss - 6 Comments

  1. Dame says:

    I suddenly miss scrapple so much…. stupid regional cuisine.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m going to go with bacon. But I’m picky. Bacon can’t be too smokey (I don’t really eat BBQ for the same reason), sausage can’t be too fatty. I’m not a fan of ham in any form.

    Given the ultimate choice though…Canadian Bacon. The best local breakfast joint has a breakfast with 5 slices of Canadian bacon and the usual sides. My fave.

  3. Steve says:

    Sausage is the best. I’ll also vote for scrapple as a sentimental second. Growing up outside Philly, scrapple and Wawa fell under the category of “Things I took for granted that I did not realize were regional.” Also Herr’s sour cream and onion potato chips. Even now, when I go back to PA, the only thing I want is a bag (or three) of Herr’s sour cream and onion.

    Bacon and ham are a toss up. I prefer my bacon meaty with a crispy edge, not a totally crispy meat cracker. The thing I like about ham is that of the breakfast meats it is the one that most resembles actual meat. Like, “I am eating the flesh of a beast.” Like, “What I am chewing on used to move a pig’s leg back and forth.” Meat.

  4. Flyguys98 says:

    I got admit not a huge fan of either of the porks but I think bacon would be the best here in philly we got some got bagel shops making good sandwiches

    I think this new Doritos thing is kind of cool agree taste like the Fritos

  5. Keiidryn says:

    I must have gotten a bad batch of the Doritos, because while I’ll absolutely agree that they taste exactly like the honey BBQ Fritos, they have no heat whatsoever. Then again, I didn’t find the Roulette Doritos to be spicy either. I’ve been disappointed with any concept of “spicy” from Doritos ever since they discontinued the Fiery Habanero flavor.

    They’re worth trying, but I feel like their “fiery hot” description on the back of the bag is a misnomer. They’re mildly warm, unless you think bell peppers are spicy.

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