Review (x2): Peeps Triple Chocolate Filled Delights & Vanilla Caramel Brownie Filled Delights & All McDonald’s Drinks Are $1! YOU’RE WELCOME

JFG Nation, I just read that soon, all McDonald’s fountain drinks will be $1. And let me just say, YOU’RE WELCOME.

I’ve been saying for years that with free refills it doesn’t matter what size cup you get. I’ve also been saying for years that soda has such a high margin of profit that McDonald’s doesn’t care how much soda you drink. So I’m glad they finally heard my whispered or more often strongly and silently thought viewpoints on this issue and decided to offer soda for the same price regardless of cup size.


Whaddya mean it wasn’t because of my silent and smirking advocacy?

Whaddya mean I’m not the only one who thought this??

No. No. I’m convinced this move occurred because of my snide remarks on this subject, made to a friend out of earshot of anyone who remotely works for McDs. Yes. I’m sure it was because of me.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Peeps Triple Chocolate Filled Delights & Vanilla Caramel Brownie Filled Delights!!

First up: Peeps Triple Chocolate Filled Delights!

Easter may be over, but I only got a chance to try these filled Peeps this past weekend! Peeps filled with stuff??? Yes yes and yes. First up: the chocolate one.


WHY OR WHY NOT? These were GREAT! To me these were like eating a chewable version of a hot cocoa. The chocolate Peep contributes great marshmallow flavor, and a bit of chocolate. The chocolate shell was cheap but effective – it gave my tongue enough of a dark chocolate flavor to really trigger my taste buds. And the goery insides were very chocolate-y. All combined, these were a chocolate-y marshmallow-y mouthful of tastiness. I really enjoyed these.

First up: Peeps Vanilla Caramel Brownie Filled Delights!

I’m not sure what a vanilla brownie is but I’ll give these a shot. Blondies are not vanilla brownies.

DO THESE TASTE GOOD? Yes. (Less emphatic than the previous one).

WHY OR WHY NOT? These are good too, for sure – the Peeps was more generally marshmallow-y with a hint of vanilla. The chocolate base still gave the whole thing a chocolate flavor. The caramel center was good and had a nice hint of saltiness. Overall very tasty but more muddled in flavor. All three flavors sort of blended together to form a general decadent sweet taste – like when you have a hot fudge sundae or something. So this was tasty but not as clean in my head as the chocolate version. If they had chosen a caramel base to make the caramel pop, THEN these might be the better of the two. But, no.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? No doubt Peeps will starting filling their marshmallow birds with other fillings in the future – fruit, chocolate inside fruit Peeps, etc. AND I AM ALL FOR IT. This is a great innovation.

PURCHASED AT: Target, Germantown, MD.

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Seasonal aisles.

COST? $1.99 each.



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Discuss - 4 Comments

  1. Aleksandr says:

    I hope it a start for filled peeps. They could do a smore peeps. Graham cracker bottom with chocolate filling inside.

  2. Sophia R says:

    I actually liked the caramel slightly more than the triple chocolate. The chocolate filling had a weird taste to me.

    I do agree that it will be interesting to see what filled Peeps varieties will be coming next. They could do an entire series around pie fillings – aaannnddd I just realized that means the requisite pumpkin spice/pumpkin pie filling in the fall (aka July).

  3. Josh says:

    filling chicks with sticky goo is always a good idea

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