Review: New Juicy Drop Gum (4 Flavors!) & FATE OF THE FURIOUS IS VISUAL JUNK FOOD

JFG Nation, this is it. The next installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise is here and I could not be more excited. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.

Don’t roll your eyes at me. You’re reading a junk food blog. Let’s not pretend either of us is too cultured or above a good FnF movie. Because we aren’t, person-who-read-about-sloth-shaped-gummies-yesterday. You’re in this world with me.

The FnF movie franchise is visual junk food. It hits all the pleasure centers in my brain. Fast cars, over the top action, hot females, quippy lines, and high tech gadgetry. The same reasons people criticize junk food are the same reasons people criticize the FnF movies. RESIST THE SNOBBERY.

“There’s barely a plot” = “It’s just cheese flavored.” It’s just cheese flavored? IT’S JUST CHEESE FLAVORED?? Yes Cheetos are just “cheese flavored” but they tickle the part of my soul that NEEDS CHEESE. Just like how there is a part of my soul that needs to see Michele Rodriguez kicking ass.

“The acting is bad” = “it’s not healthy.” I might argue with you on this, but generally I don’t disagree. But sometimes you just want to munch a Dorito, no? Just like sometimes you just want to see the Rock divert a torpedo with his bare hands, no?

“It’s just a bunch of explosions” = “all they did was dip it in chocolate.” HEY. IT’S NOT SCHINDLER’S LIST, OK? WE GET IT. But cookie dipped in chocolate is INDEED A MUCH BETTER COOKIE.

“It’s stupid.” YOU’RE STUPID.

It would be one thing if the action looked BAD, but let me tell you, that bank safe scene in F5 was damn good. Who cares about realism? IT LOOKED GOOD. Oh yeah, that’s another one:

“That’s not even a real movie” = “That’s not even real food, it’s just a bunch of chemicals.” News flash – professional chefs like junk food just as much as the next guy, and directors like action films as much as liked Moonlight. So stop being so pretentious.

Look at me getting all heated about the FnF movies. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: New Juicy Drop Gum!!

This is exactly what it looks like. Fruity sweet gum that you squirt a liquid sour sugar gel on top of before chewing to ensure a FLAVOR EXPLOSION. The PR Buzz:

Are you looking for gum that not only tastes great but has long lasting flavor? Juicy Drop™ Gum, the newest innovation from Bazooka Candy Brands (Ring Pop® and Bazooka® Gum), is the answer to your prayers!

Juicy Drop Gum is changing the chewing experience and is the only gum available that allows you to boost and extend your flavor with mouthwatering sour gel. Each individual pack will come with an easy access gel flavor booster and eight pieces of gum featuring a “drop zone” to best capture the sour gel while on-the-go. You’ll have the ability to determine your gum’s flavor intensity and then extend that flavor by choosing the amount of sour gel applied to each piece.

Juicy Drop Gum is available in four flavors: Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel, Apple Attack and Watermelon Blast, and available at checkout at top retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger and 7-11.

So, if the flavor dies, you just keep squirting this gel into your mouth? Yeah, that seems like a good idea.

DO THESE TASTE GOOD? YES *hands shaking with sugar rush*

WHY OR WHY NOT? I went with trying the fruit punch flavored one because it’s the flavor I liked the best out of the four. The gum by itself tasted like your standard fruit punch flavored gum – slightly tart and very sweet. The gel was SUPER SOUR AND SWEET like liquified sour patch kids. Put them together and this was indeed a flavor bomb.

The gum flavor lasted about a minute, so I boosted it right back up with another drop of gel. Sort of genius and dangerous at the same time. Kids are gonna be sucking on this gel solo.

But if you like sugar you’ll love this.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? The packaging was WAY COOL, how the gum and bottle fit together – A+ for design.

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me but I guess you can find these at Walmart, 7-11, Kroger. AND AMAZON!


COST? Box of 16 on Amazon is $27 bucks. $1.70 a piece?



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  1. Shorneys says:

    HUGE missed marketing opportunity not to style the title as F8 of the Furious.

  2. ruckus says:

    hrm all we need is F&F9 to be set in Las Vegas for the Raiders opener!

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