Review: Hostess Limited Edition Carrot Cake Donettes & PEEPS PIZZA IS AN ABOMINATION

JFG Nation, I have a mixed relationship with Peeps – don’t love them, but can dig them in certain circumstances. I was, for example, among those who loved the Peeps Oreos! But then I saw this:


As much as I sort of like Peeps, anyone who follows me knows I LOVE PIZZA. PIZZA IS EVERYTHING. ALL DAY LONG I DREAM ABOUT PIZZA.

When someone puts Peeps on top of a pizza, it makes. My. BLOOD. BOIL! WHY THE HELL WOULD RUIN A GOOD PIE WITH MARSHMALLOW!? And the caption, comparing this pizza to pineapple pizza. Look, say what you will about Hawaiian Pizza, at least it has a combo flavor that sort of makes sense. THIS IS AN ATROCITY.

Am I over reacting, JFG Nation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Hostess Limited Edition Carrot Cake Donettes!!

What else is there to say about these Hostess Limited Edition Carrot Cake Donettes? Hostess = good. Carrot Cake = good. Donuts = good. Combine the three, and these should be golden. Easter is coming, so why not dive into the carrot cake laden snacks that are here for the season?


WHY OR WHY NOTThey taste a lot like any other super processed packaged donut, which is to say they taste super sweet and satisfying and good. The donuts have a nice spice to them, and while the carrot cake flavor wasn’t super strong, I did get distinct hits of carrot cake each time I bit into each donut. The crumbs didn’t do much to add to the actual carrot cake flavor, and there was no cream cheese flavor, but who am I to complain? These were sugary delicious donuts.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? While the flavor of carrot cake wasn’t overwhelming, the SMELL of carrot cake coming from the bag was! WOOOOOO baby. Carrot cake aroma through and through.

Also, in case you’re wondering whether these donuts will give you that glazed mouth feeling – they will. Sorry.

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD.

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Standalone cardboard display among the self checkout kiosks.

COST? $2.00



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  1. Anastey says:

    The peeps pizza looks like it’s one of those cinnamon desert pizzas with peeps melted on top. That isn’t so bad compared to a regular tomato sauce pizza.

  2. Anne Sutton says:

    Whoops…hope you meant to write “add” and not “ass”
    Peeps on a pizza is gross. I’m a pizza fan, and that doesn’t even sound like a good dessert pizza to me.

  3. Joe says:

    A local Pizzeria has a S’Mores Pizza on their dessert menu, as well as an M&Ms Pizza. So using Peeps for the Marshmallows in the S’Mores, while different and super sweet, would be acceptable.

  4. John W. says:

    I’ve had a few kinds of dessert pizza at one time or another, but I think the best one I’ve had was a smores pizza. It wasn’t topped with Peeps, but certainly it had a good marshmallow flavor to it. If I were to ever put Peeps on a dessert pizza, I don’t think I would use whole Peeps like we see in the photo.

    On the other hand, JFG, if this is a cheese pizza topped with Peeps, then that’s different. I don’t care for exotic toppings on my pizza, so seeing Peeps on there would be as unacceptable as seeing mushrooms, onions or peppers. No thank you.

  5. If it was dessert pizza I’d be all over it…I love Peeps and I love dessert pizza. But keep any confectionery out of my regular pizza.

    What these donuts need: cream cheese icing. The only thing (IMO) that makes carrot cake worth eating is cream cheese icing.

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