Review: Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Cake Crisps & Ewing to Coach G-Town? WHAAAT.

JFG Nation, last night’s Championship Game was a sloppy affair with a lot of whistles, but it’s in the books with UNC back on top. Who else thinks it’s ridiculous that they play on that weird elevated stage? Β Why does it need to be held in a football stadium? Live football is already not as good as watching football on TV (excluding the tailgating), but basketball viewing from the upper deck? That has to be an awful viewing experience.

Finally, March Madness is over and I’m exhausted. Who won the JFG March Madness pool? It was Melanie and the Cadbury Creme Eggs FTW – literally! Congrats, Melanie – email me so we discuss your prize πŸ™‚

Lots of sports news, even besides the game result. Patrick Ewing is coaching Georgetown now? Β What.

Ewing’s career is without flaw – college player of the year. Rookie of the year. Eleven time NBA All Star. Top 50 player of all time. Member of the Dream Team and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist. Plus, he’s been assistant coaching in the NBA for the past 15 years. But college coaching?

I have no doubt that Ewing knows Xs and Os – he probably deserved an NBA head coaching gig a long time ago. But college is different because of recruiting. Recruiting is a grind, and requires a certain stomach. Does Ewing have what it takes?

On one hand, he’s never done it before and it’s not an easy learning curve. On the other hand, perhaps he will use his star power and amazing career to his advantage as a magnet for talent. Georgetown is a high pressure job with a LOT of expectations. I’m really curious to see what an amazing talent with zero college coaching experience can do.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Cake Crisps!!

These were sent to me, and here’s the PR buzz:

Finally it’s possible to have your cake and crunch it too — cake lovers rejoice! Mrs. Freshley’s new Cake Crisps bring to life the perfect pairing of irresistible sweetness and gratifying crunch, introducing a snack that combines a satisfying, popable crisp with delicious chocolate or vanilla cake flavor. This ideal grab-and-go snack is guaranteed to kick any craving and satisfy any sweet tooth.”

Hoooo kay. Let’s munch!


WHY OR WHY NOT? These certainly smell like chocolate cake. When I munched them, they also tasted like chocolate cake! Like chocolate cake without the frosting – that distinct, sweet but sort of bitter chocolate cake mixture. That cake flavor that when you exhale is deep cocoa-y.

The texture of these is the most interesting part to me. These aren’t like cookie chips or brownie crisps. They were super crispy – they were more crumbly, and thicker. These actually, to me, matched what I’d expect a flattened dehydrated slice of cake to feel like in my mouth, crumbliness and all! Yes the cookie remained “moist,” so to speak – these weren’t super dry like a cookie chip. I attribute this to the oils. But whatever – whatever they were going for, I recognized.

Pretty good! Excuse me while I go back to munch another package…

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW?Β 45% daily saturated fat in one package? WOW.

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me but they were released everywhere on February 27. You can even buy them on the Mrs. Freshley’s website!





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  1. Debra says:

    Both you and marvo reviewed chocolate…Any plans to review vanilla?

  2. ruckus says:

    I’ll have to check out the cake crisps – I’m always looking for something new to have with my morning Irish Breakfast tea, and I’m getting burned out on Murry’s ginger snaps.

    I didn’t like the raised platform either. The coaches looked awkward sitting on a little stool and I was worried a player would go flying off the thing and break his neck or something. While I’m on the subject, I don’t like how close the media people can sit underneath the baskets – I think it effects the players making out of bounds plays to save the ball.

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