Review: Kiwi Hi-Chew & What Do You Call A Mix Of All Soda-Fountain Sodas?

JFG Nation, do you remember ever going to a soda fountain and mixing all the sodas together in one cup? Fine, for you Midwesterners – mixing all the pop together in one cup?  I feel like I remember doing this when I was a little kid. It was a sugar blitz of nondescript flavor. I know I’m not the only weirdo who has done this. YOU’VE DONE THIS TOO. SHOWS YOURSELVES.

Question: what did you call this concoction?

A Google search reveals that some people called this Swamp Water or Suicide Soda. For some reason, I THINK I remember it called a Kamikaze ….of course, later when I would drink alcohol, kamikaze would take on a different meaning.

But what did YOU call this, JFG Nation? Let me know in the comments below! And let me know if you’ve done this recently and if it’s as glorious / horrible as I remember!

Today’s junk food: Kiwi Hi-Chews!!

Hi-Chews! One of my favorite Asian candies! Basically Hi-Chews are a taffy chewy candy similar to Starburst hat is WAAAAY chewier – it’s almost like you’re chewing gum! It barely dissolves…..but after a while it does, into a delightful sugar. It is chewy chewy chewy Starburst.

Morinaga sent this new flavor to me to try. Here’s some PR buzz: “With the winter’s seasonal chill showing no signs of warming up, Kiwi is giving fans a taste of the tropics, packing tart and juicy kiwi flavor into a perfectly chewy bite.

“Made with real fruit juices and purees, Hi-Chew Kiwi delivers the same vibrant color and fresh flavor found in kiwis but with the sensationally chewy texture Hi-Chews fans have come to love. Real chia seeds are showcased in each individually wrapped chew, mimicking the texture and color of actual kiwi seeds, while the sweet, ripe flavor tingles the tongue. Refreshingly sweet with a hint of citrus, Kiwi gives Hi-Chew fans the chances to savor a tropical treat and mentally escape to sunny fun-filled days.”

WOOO. That’s a mouthful. Let’s get to the taste.


WHY OR WHY NOT? I mean, there was no way I wouldn’t like these. The kiwi flavor was accurate and on point. It had that nice kiwi flavor to start and then, as I chewed, became sour like the end of a kiwi usually finishes. Hi-Chews always have that slightly creamy taffy flavor, so that flavor was layered in there too. The key was the chia seeds, however – they really DID mimic the texture of real kiwi seeds. The effect was really fun and enjoyable. Just a well thought out and well executed candy. Bravo, Hi-Chews!

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Not really. Just thanks again to my friends at Morinaga! I could eat lots of these.

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me, but you can buy it from Amazon here.


COST? $15.00 for a box of 10 (10 pieces in a pack).



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  1. Beeb says:

    Growing up in the Coca-Cola state we called all carbonated sodas “Coke”…..then we specified flavor.

    I am so old a big thing for us in middle school was roller skating. At the roller rink we would mix all the fountain drinks together and call it Suicide. Lovely isn’t it?

    • Ash says:

      If I may ask, where are you from? Indiana here and the roller skating rink was where I always had my Suicides. Also, yes. It’s all coke.

  2. Joe says:

    We called it hockey puck soda in WMass. No idea why.

  3. Kevin Eckhoff says:

    We called it a suicide. LOL

  4. Matt says:

    Yup, same here…suicide

    Also by me there were 2 types of suicides….because there was generally one non-carbonated option like lemonade or tea, you weren’t require to add that but if you did you took it up a notch

  5. We had a bowling alley that sold it as “Rainbow Drink.”

  6. Yoyo Ha says:

    In Seattle we called it a “Graveyard”

  7. Tenko says:

    I’ve never heard of a special name for it in MI, but everyone does it.

    I love Hi Chew. I like how they taste like what they’re supposed to taste like. I wish more of the flavors were easy to get.

  8. Anni says:

    Im from Oklahoma and we called them Hurricanes

  9. Marko says:

    I’m in Alberta, Canada and we called it Swamp Water. I even remember going to a restaurant where you could order Swamp Water as a drink.

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