Review: Snyder’s of Hanover “Wholey Cheese!” Crispy Baked Crackers x3 (Mild Cheddar, Swiss & Black Pepper, Smoked Gouda) & What Are Spring Flavors? GO!

JFG Nation, Happy day after President’s Day! Let’s do a quick roundtable and get right to the review. Fall is pumpkin everything. Winter is mint, gingerbread, cocoa. Valentine’s Day is when the industry tries to cram in red things: strawberry, red velvet, etc. And now we’re approaching Easter and Spring. So tell me, JFG Nation: What are “Spring” flavors? Fruit? Flowers? Grass? Sports related flavors – hot dog, hamburger? Let me know in the comments below – I’m curious what you think.

Today’s junk food: Snyder’s of Hanover “Wholey Cheese!” Crispy Baked Crackers!!

JFG Nation, cheese crackers are my life. My life blood. My jam. My peanut butter. I love cheese crackers so much. I always have a box of Cheez-Its in my house. When a new cheese cracker is born, I must have it. And when a quality company like Snyder’s of Hanover jumps into this pool? Then I REALLY must have them. Munch munch time, boys and girls. While the name “Wholey Cheese” doesn’t inspire, hopefully the flavor will.


WHY OR WHY NOT? Texture: These are light, super crispy, potato-starch puffed crackers. Imagine Pringles or Baked Lays that have been puffed out and hollow. Each shape is an expertly crafted pillow. One problem – results in a  bunch of broken crackers. But the ones that are intact are a work of art.

Mild Cheddar: An immediate hit, this cracker was super cheesy – “mild” only in that it wasn’t a sharp cheddar flavor, it was more or a general cheddar/almost nacho flavor. These weren’t mild in flavor. Ridiculously easy to eat.

Swiss & Black Pepper: This one requires a few crackers to really get that flavor out. The black pepper-y flavor is immediately noticeable, but the Swiss really shines after a few munches. Light, bright, and accurate. The mix of pepper and Swiss was on point.

Smoked Gouda: The best one of the three. Nailed the Smoked Gouda flavor; so smoky that it almost trends bacon-y. Still, the creaminess of the flavor leaves the distinct Smoked Gouda flavor. Very bold, and unrelenting. My tongue did not “get used” to the smoke – it hit me every time.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? *crumbs everywhere* *looks around at empty bags* Uh, these were really good. I’m going to be re-buying these. Several times.

PURCHASED AT: Safeway, Chevy Chase, MD

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Cardboard display in chip aisle

COST? $2.50 each on sale



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  1. Aly says:

    Are the smoked gouda ones better than, worse than, or akin to the gouda Triscuits? Cause those are my crack but I like the idea of something crispier.

    Spring flavors… hm… I think lemon, blueberry, raspberry, maybe herbal.

    • CA Stec says:

      better than.

    • Aerows says:

      Mild cheddar is crack + pot + morphine they are so good. The downside is that the second they come into the store, nobody has them because they are so delicious.

      I don’t even EAT junk food. These taste like IV Double Cheeseburgers without the ketchup or mustard. Just loads and loads of cheeseburger.

  2. Anne Sutton says:

    Spring flavors would include strawberry, lemon, raspberry. Because of St. Patty’s day, I also think of mint. Because I’m Italian and my grandmother made Easter bread with anise, I think of anise. I also think of marshmallow and vanilla. Because of spring weddings I think of jordan almonds

  3. Tenko says:

    Weird! These look exactly like the Aldi cheese crackers that are also delicious.

    Spring is for Easter flavors.

  4. BoJangles says:

    Dammit, I was at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago and seen a big bag of these.. didn’t buy ’em cuz I’m like.. that’s a big ass bag and what if they’re not good? (Nonsense, I know.. it’s Snyder’s and it’s cheese..)

    Time to go to Sam’s club..

  5. M says:

    I refuse to get into another seasonal flavor debate with you after the S’mores debacle. The pain for me is still too near…

  6. Deanna S says:

    Like others have mentioned, fruity flavors like lemon, blueberry, raspberry and lime remind me of Spring. Flavors associated with bright, crisp profiles and “pastel” colors tend to be featured heavily.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I tried all 3, most to least favorite:
    1. Swiss and Black Pepper
    2. Mild Cheddar
    3. Smoked Gouda (too smoky/salty for me)

  8. CA Stec says:

    I tried these crackers this weekend – they were 2 bags for a dollar so I tried them all. Best crackers I had in a looooong time.

    • Gluten Free Gal says:

      CA Stec – where on earth did you find them?? I found them once and bought SO many bags, but now I can’t find them anywhere 🙁

  9. Nancy Glynn says:

    I bought the smoked Gouda crackers and had high hopes. They are certainly cheesy, but the saltiness is so much as to make them inedible. Light and crispy-yes-but I attribute that because the first ingredient is potato starch. I want to throw them out, because the overwhelming salt is sickening. I bought at Safeway on sale for $3.99 and had a $1.00 coupon attached making it $2.99(par for the course in AK). Will never buy again

  10. Shawn Turner says:

    I’ve been day dreaming of the Swiss and black pepper ones for days. I have to get more. They are indescribably great. I have to drive 50 miles to get them. I’m going tomorrow. I cannot wait.

  11. 2kidDad says:

    Tastes fresh and light. No sticky feeling. Bought these at Publix in Charlotte. Kids loved them. Need more to stock pantry.

  12. Joyce Zuke says:

    I love Gouda cheese-both regular and smoked. I love the Aldi Gouda crackers that they have a few times a year (special buy), so I was very excited to try the Synder’s Smoked Gouda crackers. What a dissapointment. I don’t like them at all. Very funky taste. I do want to try the other two now because I do like the style of cracker. By the way, I recently bought a Parmesan flavor at Aldi. Haven’t tried them yet.

  13. Bec says:

    Ummm…. The smoked gouda flavor is PERFECTLY YUMMY! This skinny girl could eat an entire bag during one Netflix flick.

  14. Jennie says:

    Bought Swiss and Black Pepper and Smoked Gouda. In each case, not much cheese flavor at all. Smoked Gouda so salty cannot eat them. Probably will not buy more!

  15. Lu says:

    Love the flavor, however, the crackers are all smashed when you open bag. Very disappointed knowing Snyder’s wonderful reputation.

  16. Peggy Myers says:

    All I got was a big bag of crumbs, not sure how you call these crackers?

  17. Donna Edwards says:

    Excellent texture, crispiness, however way too Salty! Can we expect an upgrade soon? Hopefully…

  18. Dj says:

    The wholey cheese Gouda crackers were the best crackers I’ve ever eaten. So crunchy almost as crunchy as a potato chip. Loved them. My favorite new snack food!!

  19. Cici Marie says:

    All four whole Mild Cheddar crackers that were in the bag were great! The rest of them were in pieces.

  20. Egon Schein, DDS says:

    I have been a fan of Snyder’s for several years-until I tried your Wholey Cheese (Swiss). The saltiness made me (and my wife) gag! From now on I’ll stick with the hard sourdough pretzels, which I and my employees love, partially because they are NOT too salty.I understand that most people are addicted to salt and that’s why you put so much in (or on) stuff. No thanks!

  21. Kim Primmer says:

    Love, love, love the cracked pepper!!!! Can’t find them at Wal-Mart….darn it!

  22. Richard Moore says:

    Very disappointed with my first and last bag of wholey cheese. I bought them because of their pretzel heritage, what a disappointment. They won,t go to waste though, the ducks might eat them, I ill keep you posted.

  23. Lannie wiles says:

    Great taste on the Swiss cheese/ pepper
    crackers but when I opened both the bags
    I bought,they were crushed to smitherines!
    Could not serve them to company because
    they were nothing but crumbs!
    My suggestion is to box these
    crackers…they are too fragile to be in
    a bag!

  24. Janeen Bacal says:

    We bought the cheddar and the Gouda. Flavor is great, BUT, only the top 10-12 crackers are still somewhat whole. The rest of the bag was just crumbles of the crackers! So, we bought three more bags (not easy to find either) and they were 90 % crumbled too! So, we won’t buy them again until they can change them to boxes and give the little guys a fighting chance! On the bright side, the crumbles are great over your salad! Adds a great pop of flavor and some super crunch!

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