Review: OREO EGG & Oldest Thing In Your Fridge/Freezer?

JFG Nation, Happy President’s Day! This morning, I started a quasi-Spring-cleaning event by doing a very important thing: I threw the oldest thing in my fridge out. We all have these things – old bottles of ketchup, that leftover Thai food that you forgot was there, that souvenir chocolate sculpture from that hotel on that vacation that’s been chillin’ in the freezer for a year. Things which don’t smell, don’t offend, and so they never draw enough attention from the gods (i.e. you) to get tossed.

My item? A frozen block of turkey stock that was given to me, I’m sure, ten years ago. Like, a long long time ago. I think I had it before I moved into my current home, and it made the move with me (for some reason). It was so frozen, it didn’t even look like food anymore – years of absorbing freezer burn had turned it into a fossil, a block of prehistoric ice preserving the turkey bones within pristinely.

Anyways, I ran some hot water on the Tupperware it was in to loosen it, and removed the meat brick carefully. It must’ve weighed five pounds. Gross. Into the trash it went, leaving behind the smell of rosemary on my hands. Wow.

What about you, JFG Nation? In your fridge or freezer, what is the oldest thing in there? Can you top me? Is that piece of wedding cake still in the back of the deep freeze, going on two decades? Do you have a petrified candy bar somewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Oreo Egg!!

Cadbury has some competition this Easter from Oreo, apparently. Oreo Eggs basically look like Cadbury Creme Eggs – similar soupy viscous insides, peppered with Oreo bits, encased in a milk chocolate shell. At $1.29, these were sort of expensive, but it’s been a while since ANYONE tried to take Cadbury’s space.


WHY OR WHY NOT? These taste good but, like Cadbury Creme Eggs, are basically sugar bombs. So, if you enjoy that about Cadbury Creme Eggs, you’re gonna love these.  The inside creme, when eaten alone, wasn’t quite “Cookies n’ Creme”-ish – it was more of that familiar, Cadbury-like sweet goo that was soupy, soft, and VERY VERY sweet. No familiar vanilla notes of Oreo creme. The bits of Oreo did give the dark cookie flavor, so the creme overall was SORT OF C-n-C-like, but didn’t have enough chocolate flavor. Eaten with the shell, however, everything clicks – the milk chocolate provides the missing balance, and the overall egg (shell, creme, and cookie bits) was great. A Cookies n’ Creme Cadbury Creme Egg, essentially. VERY sweet. Woo.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? Not sure if the quality of chocolate from a Cadbury Creme Egg is better than this, but the quality of chocolate on these was just ok. Tons of palm oil in there.

PURCHASED AT: Safeway, Chevy Chase, MD

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Small box display near the register

COST? $1.29



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  1. Sophia R says:

    hmmmm… cookie pieces but no wheat on the ingredient list… I may have to breakdown and try one. Nothing will compare to the Cadbury Creme Egg in my Easter Candy Hierarchy but I am wiling to give this a shot.

  2. Matthew says:

    Outside the United States the Oreo eggs are branded as Cadbury Oreo eggs, however it looks like Mondelez have decided to launch them here without that branding to avoid having to deal with Hershey. I wonder how Hershey will react to this? It kinda serves Hershey right for treating the Cadbury brand so badly since they bought the rights in the US. Perhaps Mondelez should start releasing other Cadbury products over here without the actual name on the packaging like Mr Big and Crunchie!

    • Tenko says:

      I was wondering why the branding was different. I honestly like Hershey’s chocolate, but dislike that they don’t have all the brands Mondelez does. That said, if Mondelez was unsatisfied with Hershey, then they could negotiate with them. It’s richer than Hershey last I checked.

  3. Aly says:

    I keep almost buying one of these but it just looks sickeningly sweet. Mostly I want to get my hands on the Reese’s version.

    Oldest thing in my fridge (I know, cause I just cleaned it out two days ago): chunk of kielbasa dated August 2015. That went into the trash.

  4. Kelly says:

    I have a beef tongue that has been in our deep freezer for 3 or 4 years. I need to throw it out because nobody will ever eat it now. It has been serving as an ice cube for too long! You have inspired me to purge it.

  5. Anne Sutton says:

    Anyone out there tried eating a frozen cadbury egg???
    These look good and I will find one!
    Remember those old coke bottles that had people’s names on them? The oldest thing in my fridge is one with my dad’s name on it. He refuses to drink it because of the name. I bet it stays there til he dies at this rate.

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