Review: Cape Cod Potato Chips Sea Salt & Vinegar Thins & YouTube Video I Can’t Stop Watching This Week: DVP by PUP

JFG Nation, I saw this video over on Deadspin, and now I can’t stop watching it. First, it harkens back to all the 8-bit and 16-bit video game glory from my childhood days. Second, it reminds of when I was REALLY into rock music that was driven by an insane drum beat. Oh yeah, there’s cursing so, uh, cover your kids’ ears:

I mean, cmon, there’s a Kirby sighting among the game clips! KIRBY! That game sucked, yet I’m still nostalgic. Sigh, good times. Did you play any of the games seen in the video? Let me know in the comments below.

(Sidenote: does anyone have a Sega Genesis so I can play Street Fighter 2? That scene of Chun Li kicking the crap out of a car was strangely satisfying.)

Today’s junk food: Cape Cod Potato Chips Sea Salt & Vinegar Thins !!

When I first spotted these Cape Cod Thins, I posted the above comment on IG – Cape Cod chips, known for their kettle chip goodness, have now released “Thins” – i.e., regular potato chips. The original salt variety was damn good though. Just a quality thin potato chips – dare I say, more substantial even in its thin form than a Lay’s potato chip!

With all the crazy foods out now, like a chicken chalupa, sometimes its nice to evaluate a simple product you might eat with your lunch. I am officially an old man junk food reviewer now.

Sea Salt and Vinegar – whenever you try a new brand’s version of these, the questions are always the same: what kind of vinegar am I tasting? Is it too salty or not enough? Crazy sour? Does the vinegar burn my nostrils? Let’s dive in.


WHY OR WHY NOT? Because it’s a damn good salt and vinegar chip, that’s why! As S&V chips go, however, these lean more salty, less vinegar-y. I tend to find Utz chips to be boldly sour/vinegar-y, which is more my speed. But these were good for those who prefer less of a sting when they bite into their S&V chips. Not quite malt vinegar flavor; these chips just had a decent sour while providing plenty of salty potato chip-y goodness along the way.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? These are kettle chips in reverse, people. IN REVERSE. “Thins” is a nice marketing spin, but these are just regular potato chips. Thankfully, Cape Cod didn’t charge a premium for them. And they were damn tasty.

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food, Germantown, MD.

WHERE FOUND IN STORE? Standalone cardboard display, chip aisle.

COST? $1.50 on sale.



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  1. Beeb says:

    I actually prefer ‘regular’ ‘thin’ chips unless I am dipping. I like Cap Cod chips…but their kettle cooked or too crunchy, so these sound right up my alley.

    Be carful JFG…’ll starting eating my favorite chip Lay’s Lightly Salted in the blue bag to be an official junk food oldie. But seriously, the Lay’s Lightly Salted taste so natural/ fresh potato taste

  2. M says:

    I played all of those video games. No need to get a Sega Genesis, you can download an emulator for a Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 etc. for free on the net. I won’t post any links as I’m pretty sure they aren’t legal, but there are ways JFG.

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