MICRO-REVIEW: New Cheez-It Jalapeno & Cheddar Jack Duoz

Today’s junk food: New Cheez-It Jalapeno & Cheddar Jack Duoz!!

I’ll say this about the New Cheez-It Jalapeno & Cheddar Jack Duoz – they taste very good. But they’re really not that new of a flavor profile. Is anything, these taste like normal Pepperjack Cheez-Its with a bit more cheddar added, but barely. The “Jalapeno” crackers by themselves register a tiny bit jalapeno vegetable-y, but it’s very slight. The Cheddar Jack crackers…well, they taste like cheddar jack Cheez-It crackers! A bit more roundly cheesy than the normal sharpness of the normal Cheez-It. Together – viola: Pepper Jack. There’s a slight spice which is nice, and the flavor is tasty tasty tasty – but this isn’t new to me, nor should it feel new to anyone else.

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food, Van Ness, DC.

FOUND AT: Cracker aisle.

COST: 2 for $6



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