Review: New Cheez-It Bacon & Cheddar Duoz & NFL Divisional Weekend Picks!


Yeah…let’s get to some picks. Last week I went 1-3 against the spread, and 3-1 moneyline. This weekend is my favorite weekend of football ever – all the scrubinis are gone and it’s a full slate of four games. It’s better than Conference Championship weekend because four games are better than two. Plus, everyone knows the Super Bowl is always a let down and takes seven hours. But Divisional Weekend? YES.

Seahawks @ Falcons (-5.0): I’m rooting for the Falcons not because I have anything against Seattle but because I want Atlanta to get over this hump that Matt Ryan can’t win in the playoffs. CMON MATTY ICE. Yes the Seahawks thumped the Lions at home but that game was actually close until the 4th Q. Will Thomas Rawls run wild again? I don’t know. But do the Falcons have 5x the weapons the Lions had? Yes. I give the Falcons more than a shot in this game. Vegas money has the Seahawks covering and winning but THEY’RE WRONG. Falcons cover and win.

Texans @ Patriots (-15.5): Apparently this isn’t the largest spread ever in a playoff game, BUT STILL. How does this happen NFL??? Double digit favs in a Divisional Playoff? AND on Saturday night???? Yes I know you expected Oakland to be here. Ugh…still, there’s nothing else you could flex to this checuled timeslot? Like, I dunno, a replay of a playoff game last year? I’m supposed to how Brock Lobster beats Tom Brady? While I would love to see a miraculous upset, I’m highly doubtful. Patriots clearly win but I’ll say Texans cover on a back foot score. 15 and a half. Ridiculous.

Steelers @ Chiefs (-1.5): Finally a good game! The main question for me is will Andy Reid’s notoriously slow pace of play work or backfire? Because Pittsburgh’s MO lately has been to score as much as possible in the first half and then bend not break down the stretch. Reid had always been slow and steady wins the race….until it doesn’t. KC defense is the only D in the playoffs I’d be scared of, so anything can happen – will Big Ben throw two Pick-6s? Could happen. Will Andy Reid not call timeout for some dumb reason in the last 3 minutes? Could happen. I’ll be rooting for the Chiefs to get off the snide but I’ll give the edge to the Steelers to both win and cover.

Packers @ Cowboys (-5.0): The matchup of the weekend! The Cowboys have been a juggernaut all year and they beat GB like a snare drum during the season. But playoff football is totally different, and Aaron Rodgers is a magician. I still maintain as I did last week that GB’s secondary can be beat – WHY DIDN’T YOU THROW MORE, ELI? YOU’RE DOWN BY 20 STOP RUNNING RASHAD JENNINGS. The Cowboys have way more weapons than NYG had and Jordy is out for the Pack. Still…you can never count out Rodgers. I give the Pack the cover but think the Cowboys eek out the win to keep the storyline going. The superior running game means better ball possession. GB held the ball ten minutes more than NYG ever did! Dallas is not going to let that happen.

Alright, sound off in the comments your thoughts or picks on these games. Tell me, please.

Today’s junk food: New Cheez-It Bacon & Cheddar Duoz!!

New Cheez-It Bacon & Cheddar Duoz are one of Cheez-Its latest Duoz flavor releases. Duoz aren’t new – they’ve done Cheddar and Parmesan before, and Smoked Cheddar and Monterey Jack. And now, this!

Bacon as a flavor isn’t that new or innovative, but these New Cheez-It Bacon & Cheddar Duoz are interesting enough – Cheez-It flavors are usually some variation of a CHEESE. Even their Grooves are ZESTY CHEDDAR RANCH, not just ZESTY RANCH.

When I opened the box of these New Cheez-It Bacon & Cheddar Duoz, I could immediately smell smoke – porky smoke. It smelled good!

The Cheddar Cheez-Its tasted like the normal version with a bit more added cheese dust on top.

The bacon crackers in these New Cheez-It Bacon & Cheddar Duoz were very interesting. At first crunch, all I got was cheese and smoke. A good smoke that reminded me of bacon, but it was still only smoke.

As I chewed I definitely got a great savoriness from the cracker – good notes of onion and garlic etc. But still not a ton of porkiness. I know I’m nitpicking, but if you’re gonna do bacon flavor, I want your best effort.

Eaten together, these crackers were just fine. They tasted good. Nothin’ to scramble out and get.

Enjoy the games!

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food, Van Ness, DC.

FOUND AT: Cracker aisle.

COST: 2 for $6



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  1. Alek says:

    they could rename it smoky cheddar flavor.

  2. Dana W says:

    Best Cheezits EVER!

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