Review: Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis & Looking Back On My 2016 New Year’s Resolution: A Pizza Awards Show

JFG Nation, new year, new resolutions! But first, a look back at my 2016 resolution (which, looking back on my archives, I apparently never posted): To eat even more pizza than the year before (2015). And so I went forth, documenting each pizza meal on Instagram:

At the end of 2015, I gave myself a pat on the back because I managed to eat pizza 30+ times in the year. But this past year, I endeavored to do better! And I did – I managed to eat pizza 59 times in 2016. 59! That’s more than once a week. That’s about 5.4% of all of my potential meals in one year. I’d have to eat pizza 110 times to make up 10% of my meals – gulp. Not sure if that’s going to be my 2017 resolution. I think, going forward, if I can crack more than 50 pizzas a year, I’ll be satisfied.

I wanted to take a look back of some of my favorite pizzas of the year:

Sat. Night = #Pizza #16 of 2016 (#14 from @franklypizza & #15 from @vapiano went un-photographed) #iifym #vace

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The majority of my pies came from my favorite neighborhood joint, Vace. They raised their prices a little bit, but a large pepperoni cost only $12.25, making it the best cost-to-quality bargains in the District. Ah, Vace. I love you.

My favorite NY slice this year definitely belonged to John’s of Bleeker. I didn’t get to DiFara in 2016, but that was ok – the six straight slices I crushed at John’s of Bleeker were a worthy consolation prize. Light, crispy, full of flavor, John’s is perfection.

Simple, fresh, tasty #Pizza #22 of 2016 from @PizzaCS #iifym

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Near the homefront, my favorite new pizza joint (even though it’s not new) was definitely Pizza CS. SUPER fresh, this pizza was affordable, light, classic-ly flavored, pure Neopolitan. I need to hit Pizza CS more in 2017.

Did you have any good pizza in 2016? If so, tell me about your place in the comments below – maybe I’ll visit your town and wanna chow there. Also, did you accomplish your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions in 2016? If so, let me know that in the comments below too.

Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis!!

Despite eating PopCorners many times before, I’ve actually never reviewed a PopCorners product. I dunno – I guess I got sidetracked with all of my early Popcorn, Indiana reviews, and didn’t want to be duplicitous. So, when I saw these Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis – PopCorners’ drizzle chips – I knew I had to talk about these.

Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis present a simple concept: mini popcorn chips, flavored with chocolate, and then drizzled with fudge.

Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis

When I opened this bag of Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis, I inhaled a strong cocoa aroma, but not necessarily a strong chocolate aroma. The smell wasn’t overly sweet.

Each of these Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis was small – they were slightly bigger than a guitar pick. Perfect bite size. Drizzle coverage was  respectable even though the drizzle was only on one side. There was powdered chocolate or cocoa powder everywhere on both sides.

I chomped a few of these Limited Edition Double-Up Fudge PopCorners Minis, and I’d give these thumbs up. Unlike other drizzle corn products I’ve had, these weren’t super super sweet with drizzle – the crunch of the chip let off a burst of cocoa flavor that was restrained. The base popcorn chip was flavored with chocolate but was not sweet – which I liked, it reminded me of the flavor of Cocoa Puffs. It provided the perfect platform for the sweeter fudge-ier drizzle to sit on. After a few chips, that fudge flavor really built up and for chocolate lovers it delivered the payoff you’d want.

Overall I prefer the savory line of PopCorners, but these were a good addition. Above average and very easy to gobble mindlessly.

PURCHASED AT: Giant Food, Bethesda, MD.

FOUND AT: Individual cardboard standup in the chip aisle.

COST: 2 for $8



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  1. Anne Sutton says:

    We have a good local pizza joint in Hampton, VA, called Anna’s right outside of Langley Air Force Base. President Obama ate there when he visited, and they named a slice of pie for him. Another great local place near Old Dominion University in Ghent is called YNot pizza. It’s a local southeastern VA pizza place with a few locations. The pizza rocks, and they make awesome in-house gelato.

  2. Alek says:

    I haven’t yet visited any new pizzerias in the DC area. The best one is Menomale! H& is not too bad but Menomale is amazing.

  3. Precinct Pizza, Channelside District, Tampa, Florida. Best NY pizza you’ll have outside of the city (and probably the best garlic knots around too).

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