Review: Kettle Brand Moscow Mule Potato Chips & “Should I Grow Out My Hair?” “NO.”

JFG Nation, it’s the new year, and I wanted to try something different. Anyone who’s seen pics of me on Instagram knows that I tend to have a classic spiky hairdo. Example:

But it’s 2017! I look like I’m 15 years old! Out with the old, in with the new, right? RIGHT!? Here’s an actual conversation I just had with the JFGal:

JFG: “Should I grow out my hair?”

JFGal: “Uh what?”

JFG: “Should I grow out my hair? You know, go for a change.”

JFGal: “Ugh no. No. Why do you do this to me?”

JFG: *laughing* “What!? I think it’d look cool!”

JFGal: “‘Look cool?’ Oh my god just stop. Please.”

JFG: *Googling* “Look – take a look at John Cho. He looks good with longer hair! I like his hair.”

JFGal: “Yeah, HE looks good with long hair. You look good with YOUR hair.”

JFG: *talking to self* “I think I could do it. I think I can grow hair like John Cho.”

JFGal: “Just because you think you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

JFG: “Well, thank god you’re not a motivational speaker.”

AND SCENE! She has a point, admittedly – when my hair is long it tends to be more porcupine/Super Saiyan than Tom Cruise in Ghost Protocol.

Next topic: recently a friend on Twitter sent me the following picture of some Kettle Chips she saw in the UK:

Camembert and garlic??? Fancy fancy, Kettle. I was GOING to complain about the US’s lack of such fancy chips, when these appeared in my hands: Kettle Brand Moscow Mule Potato Chips.

We discussed these Kettle Brand Moscow Mule Potato Chips on the Nosh Show back in Episode 87, and here they are! A traditional Moscow Mule is: vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. I love mules. They are delicious. And it’s usually served in a copper mug, because according to Wiki: “The copper also has a chemical reaction with the acids from the lime (or other fruits in some variation of the drink) giving it a unique taste that can only be achieved in a pure copper mug.” Sure. Whatever.

The problem I’m having with these Kettle Brand Moscow Mule Potato Chips is this: Mules are a “sweet” drink. Potato chips are salty. So this is an unconventional pairing. When companies do this, is it only for buzz? Or have they created a new flavor explosion that is genuinely good? Or, did they come up with the flavor first, and then reverse label it?

Kettle Brand Moscow Mule Potato Chips contain sugar, lemon and lime, and ginger. But then there’s parsley…to compensate for the sweet flavor?

When I opened these Kettle Brand Moscow Mule Potato Chips, they smelled slightly lime-like like the Lime tinged Tostitos. The smell of potato chip also radiated. The hint of ginger? Also noticeable. These certainly smelled like a mule plus potato chips.

Biting into one of these Moscow Mule chips, they weren’t offensive. Basically these were amazing Kettle potato chips that were tinged with salt and lime – imagine a basket of salt-sprinkled potato chips in a basket that you squeezed a lime over. That’s what these tasted like – the citrus tartness was strong.

On top of that flavor was the definite flavor of ginger…it lingered and then grew spicier as the chew went on. Ever chew on that ginger on the side of a sushi plate? That flavor was here too.

The result? A salty, sour/tart, ginger spicy potato chip. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, and the flavors weren’t as conflicting as I thought. It didn’t taste like a Moscow Mule but these were definitely potato chips inspired by a Mule.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy these again, but the flavor profile is so unique that it’s worth a taste. Objectively, Kettle did a great job delivering on the flavors it promised. But as a consumer, I was only so-so on these.

PURCHASED AT: Harris Teeter, Bethesda, MD.

FOUND AT: Chip aisle

COST: $3.00



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  1. MP says:

    Mmm, citrus pennies. While I (a dude) experimented with different hairstyles & lengths over the years, I tend to stay in the classic area where I’m comfortable. Tho I’m more middle-aged & I noticed a lot of guys have really, really short hair or are bald, which looks horrible on me. My problem is I’ll never be trendy, a hipster doofus, a biker, preppy, goth, a hippie or sophisticated (I hate suits & dressing up), so I’m stuck with having a safe, boring hairstyle. Tho I was more into beards for a few years, but unfortunately hipsters ruined that for me.
    If you want to grow your hair out, then do it. It’ll just take a few months, and you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to comb it for the time being.

  2. Spoken as a female who has changed hairstyles 10 times in her adult life: If you grow it out, you can cut it again. If you cut it, it takes forever to grow out.

    *off to put my overnight conditioner in*

  3. Yourmom says:

    Never ever ever never ever buy these horrible chips

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