Review: Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milanos & Happy New Year! What Did You Do For NYE?

JFG Nation, I hope everyone had a good holiday! It’s 2017, A PRIME NUMBER YEAR! (Look it up, people.) That means this is going to be a very special year because I am superstitious as hell and you can’t stop me.

I spent NYE with family, sort of sick and watching Mariah Carey implode like everyone else. What did you do on NYE? Let me know in the comments below.

It was a nice almost two weeks of downtime for your old JFG, not blogging, eating lots of food, not exercising, chowing on my 59th pizza of the year, watching my Bills go down in flames…sigh. Felt like the end of every year. But now, we’re back in the saddle.  HERE WE GO 2017!

Today’s review: Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milanos!!

When I heard about these Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milanos, I figured they were a re-tread of a “S’mores” Milano or something. So I checked my archived Milano posts – nope. I checked my archived S’mores posts – nada. The closest thing I could find was a larger soft baked Dessert Shop cookie that Pepperidge Farm made – and it wasn’t great. Coming into these Milanos, then, I was hesitant – but hopeful. I love Milanos. I love toasted marshmallows. Don’t let me down, Pepperidge Farm.

And you know what? THEY DIDN’T. These Pepperidge Farm Toasted Marshmallow Milanos are delightful.

Opening the bag of these cookies, I inhaled deeply – definite toasted marshmallow smell. A decent amount of chocolate aroma too – sort of like smelling melting marshmallows on top of a cup of hot cocoa. If you called these Hot Cocoa Milanos, that would’ve been appropriate as well.

Biting into a cookie, the smell translated perfectly onto my tongue. Good quasi-marshmallow flavor. They definitely got the toasted-aspect of it correct, too. These had that slight caramelized sugar flavor, not the squeaky sugar flavor of untoasted marshmallows. The rest of the Milano was classic – light, crispy, snapped perfectly when broken in half. My first purchase of 2017 was a good – a cookie that delivered on its flavor promise; simple and well executed.

Nice job, PF. Way to start off the year!

PURCHASED AT: Wegmans, Germantown, MD.

FOUND AT: End cap display. (Also seen In Giant, Van Ness, DC, in the cookie/cracker aisle, in a separate in-aisle standup display.)

COST: $3.19.



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  1. Good, now I can stop trying to cut Milanos open to make s’mores!

    I actually worked 4-midnight NYE. Fun times dealing with drunks and homeless people.

  2. Anne Sutton says:

    I was more boring than you. I went to bed…until midnight when I awoke to fireworks…not cool when you have dogs and kids. Ugh so up at midnight anyways. Are these regular line up for PF or limited edition?

  3. holly says:

    woody allen film marathon!

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