Review: Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins & FAST AND THE FURIOUS 8 TRAILER IS TORCH. Thoughts?

JFG Nation,Β I was late yesterdayΒ getting this blog post up. Now, I could tell the truth and say it’s because I landed really late on Sunday night from being out of town all weekend and didn’t have the chance to finish the blog post before work yesterdayΒ morning…OR, I could lie and say it’s because I was TOO BUSY WATCHING THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 8 TRAILER!!!!!!


But seriously folks, I am a huge Fast and the Furious mark. Feel free to judge me; I don’t care. I live my life a quarter mile at a time.

But seriously, this trailer gets me hyped while still providing so many questions! Why did Dom betray his family? I’m guessing because Charlize Theron is holding Mia and Paul Walker hostage. Which, WTF – I’ve seen plenty of seasons of 24 to know how this ends. Also, how did Furiosa grow back her arm? And now she has dreads?

Also, why does Tyrese need to continuously identify himself in the third person? BECAUSE HE’S ROMAN PIERCE, BABY. Ok, I get it. And now Jason Statham is a good guy? Does no one see him escaping government custody at the end of this movie, ala Fast and the Furious 1? Someday, it’ll be the Rock who marries Jason Statham’s sister.

Finally, why does Kurt Russell’s face look like it’s made of Play-Doh? Β I wondered that in the last movie, and was just asking again because it’s an unsolved mystery.

So what do you think, JFG Nation? F8: potentially the best movie of next year? Or one of the dumbest trailers you’ve ever seen? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins!!


Andes Candies were a staple of my childhood; something that came with the check at “fancy” restaurants. You know, the ones that had tablecloths. I think of them as the gold standard in chocolate mints, but they really haven’t changed much in decades. I know there are lots of varieties, but these Mint Cookie Crunch Thins are the first ones that made me raise an eyebrow. “Hmmmm….ok, fine. Those cookies look like Oreos. Purchase. Show me what you got.”



Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins come in silver foil rather than the traditional green foil, and despite the size of the picture below, the candies are tiny – each thin probably measures and inch long, less than a quarter inch thick.


Each of these Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins has a chocolate bottom layer and what looks to be a white chocolate or white creamy confection top layer with bits of…Oreo cookie inside?


Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins smelled good, that’s for sure. It had a super familiar strong minty smell, almost breath-mint like. Andes candies are the type of chocolate mint which are powerful enough in mint flavor that you almost feel like it improves your breath, but with enough chocolate flavor to balance it.


These Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins, however, weren’t a hit with me. The “bits of Oreo” that I hoped would stand out didn’t – they were too small and crumbly to give me any different or distinct flavor. Yes, they added a little bit of crunchy texture, but it was more annoying to me than anything else. Other than that, the flavor of the Andes candies was pretty basic – chocolate, mint, creaminess. Still very tasty, but this variety did nothing to make me want to buy it again. Sorry, Andes πŸ™

PURCHASED AT: Target, Germantown, MD.

COST: $2.00.



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  1. Sophia R says:

    I am a sucker for action films (good and bad – superfluous car chases/crashes? physics defying shoot out? I’m there! ), especially ones with Jason Statham, so I will join you in the excitement for this one. If you will excuse me, I need to go watch the trailer 4 times in a row now that I am not logged via a VPN.

    Also, Andes Mints are awesome, but I prefer the originals.

  2. Anne Sutton says:

    Yeah I thought the same thing as you did about these mints which I purchased at Target. Nothing to differentiate them from the traditional ones. I did notice they also had a cherry variety, toffee one too….Andes is expanding! I think overall I like them. I have to disagree with the association with fancy restaurants. I got it at my local Mexican chain. When I think the fancy places, I think of those After Eight mints. Love those too. As for F8, it looks AWESOME! People raise an eyebrow when I say it because I have a Ph.D. yet I still freak out over those movies.

  3. John Roberts says:

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