MICRO-REVIEW: Limited Edition Milk Chocolate Covered Wavy Lays w/ Almond Bits & What’s the Better Band? Van Halen or AC/DC?

JFG Nation, settle an argument I’ve been having with a friend of mine: who is the better band? Van Halen or AC/DC? I’m not going to taint you with any rationale or argument, or tell you which side of things I’m on – just let me know in the comments below.

Today’s review: Limited Edition Milk Chocolate Covered Wavy Lays w/ Almond Bits!!





I’ve reviewed Chocolate Covered Wavy Lays before, and quite frankly, chocolate covered potato chips aren’t a “new” concept anymore. Chocolate covered potato chips are, IMO, very tasty – that perfect mix of sweet, salty and starchy. MM MM MMMM. This variety takes the very unbold step of merely adding almond bits to the chips themselves…yawn, but I’ll still eat them.

I popped a bunch of these almond bit laden Limited Edition Milk Chocolate Covered Wavy Lays into my mouth, and the flavor was as expected – sweet, starchy, and good. The almond bits gave a tiny bit of texture – I noticed them more towards the end of the chew when my tongue was clearing out the corners of my mouth before swallowing. Did the almond bits add anything to the flavor? I mean, I GUESS it added a tiny bit of nuttiness, but the truth is the potato chip and chocolate combo already emits a bit of nuttiness. I didn’t notice any additional distinctly “ALMOND” flavor….which was disappointing.

Basically, these were good because chocolate covered potato chips are good, but the nuts didn’t really add munch. Tasty, but not necessarily worth going out of your way for them.

PURCHASED AT: Target, Germantown, MD

COST: $3.49 on sale



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Discuss - 7 Comments

  1. After years of working in a concert venue and having bad experiences at both Van Halen and AC/DC concerts, I can honestly say I hate both bands.

    Now here’s the question: would these be BETTER with the fake/almond extract taste in the chocolate?

  2. P.L. Isley says:

    AC/DC, of course.

  3. Devin says:

    AC/DC. Not even close.

  4. Valerie Lona says:

    AC/DC by far.

  5. Alek says:

    Not a music fan since I’m deaf. Anyways I think that Lays should had gone for a caramelized almond topping. Or sweet potato chips covered with cinnamon white chocolate topped off with mini marshmallows

  6. M says:

    AC/DC by far, not even close.

  7. MP says:

    Personally, I like 1978-1984 Van Halen a lot more than AC/DC (and my favorite 1975-1980 era). I don’t listen to either much anymore. AC/DC sounds basically like the same song every time & Eddie VH is a dick. But who’s better? They can be both great & mediocre.

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