MICRO-REVIEW: Drake’s Funny Bones & Post-Thanksgiving Fog

JFG Nation, Thanksgiving is over, which means that it’s full-on holiday season, whatever you celebrate. But not so fast – that Thanksgiving fog is still with you, isn’t it? Today is the first day back to work, and many people will be having that “How was your Thanksgiving?” conversation today. Then you’ll be talking about whether you did anything for Black Friday, about how traveling was, what’d you think of the pro and college football games, and on and on. Ugh. It’s exhausting, I know.

But there’s no way to get around it. Trust me, I’m about to endure the same as well. I spent a good 20 minutes this morning trying to figure out why my belt needed to go out an extra notch. So plaster that smile on and start describing your aunt’s mashed potatoes, soldiers! Let me know how you’re feeling post-Thanksgiving in the comments below. Best thing you ate? Best thing you bought? Let me hear it!

Today’s junk food: Drake’s Funny Bones!!






Part of the post-Thanksgiving fog is a hesitation, or even more general unwillingness, to stuff another thing down your throat. I know that is blasphemy in junkfoodie circles, but I reached a point on Saturday around 1pm where I declared THAT’S IT. NO MORE. NO MORE FOOD UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY.

So today I’m reviewing a classic junk food that I hadn’t had in forever, and sort of forgot existed: Drake’s Funny Bones. Essentially, these are chocolate covered chocolate Twinkies with peanut butter creme on the inside. Drake’s was previously owned by Hostess, but was bought out as a separate brand when Hostess was going bankrupt a couple years back. Thus, Drake’s and Hostess are now bitter rivals again.

Why are these called Funny Bones? I really have no idea. I feel like Hostess and Drake’s both went through a phase where they felt like they could take any random sounding word combo and turn it into a snack. Ring Dings! Zingers! Head kickers! Lemony Snickets! Gobble Robbles and Robble Snoggers! You get the point.

Opening one of these Drake’s Funny Bones, I immediately smelled fake chocolate and peanut butter…and it smelled good. I took a generous bite, and chewed – not bad! Better than I remembered. The chocolate devil’s food cake was spongy but less articifical tasting than expected. Decent chocolate flavor.

The peanut butter creme was whipped and, it’s not Reese’s, but had a nice sweet PB flavor. Combined with the chocolate cake, this snack wasn’t cloying and hit the chocolate peanut butter spot in my belly. It’s not as good as a real chocolate peanut butter pie or cake or whatever, but for a packaged food – it ain’t bad.

The one downfall – the outer chocolate coating. Fake, flaky, and sort of tasted like plastic. No. Bad news, Drake’s. Not hotline bling for you.

PURCHASED AT: Wegmans, Germantown, MD

COST: $3.49



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  1. Beeb says:

    Since my husband works at a hospital, he had Thanksgiving off but no other days last week. His family lives 9 hours away and mine is 6 hours away, so no family get together for us this year. While I missed family, it was fantastic not to have to deal with some of the family drama that always accompanies t’giving. My husband decided we should do the local Thanksgiving buffet (Copeland’s new Orleans type style cooking, chain restaurant) and see a movie. It was a nice change of pace the food was great and the movie was great as well (Fantastic Beasts). Didn’t really engage in much shopping.

  2. Kahnye Best says:

    Drake’s? More like Meek Mill. Or Weak Mill.

  3. ruckus says:

    As I’ve gotten older and more… invested in my health, I’ve learned the love of greens. The best Thanksgiving dish I had this year was collard greens, FRESH collard greens cooked to perfection.

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