Review: Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels & Best Costume You Saw Last Night, Checking In On World Series

JFG Nation, just some quick topics today.  TOPIC 1: for those of you who went trick or treating last night, what was the best costume you saw? Let me know in the comments below.

TOPIC 2: I made my World Series Prediction last week: “If the Indians jump on Lester and win tonight, Indians in 7. If the Cubs take Game 1, Cubs in 6.” So I guess I’m locked into my prediction: Indians in 7 games. Cleveland has two chances at home to win, but I do think the Arrieta vs. Tomlin matchup favors the Cubbies. Then I think it comes down to an epic Hendricks vs. Kluber matchup in Game 7. We will see 20 pitchers used in that game which will go five hours.

You thoughts on the World Series so far? Hit me in the comments.

Today’s junk food: Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels!!







Ok, here we go. Halloween is over and we can finally turn to winter snacks! Christmas, Holiday, etc. – all of it. Now we’re going to get gingerbread, mint, cranberry. Bring it forth, and let me eat it.

Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels are the first in the line of holiday snacks. Brussels normally are pretty basic – like Milanos, they are two cookies sandwiching a layer of chocolate. Brussels are circular and tend to be crunchier, and the surface of Brussels has a few bubbles like there’s rice baked in there (there’s not).

Popping one of these Mint Brussels into my mouth and chewing, these exploded with mint chocolate flavor, much like a Thin Mint. Just a well balanced mix of mint and chocolate; I didn’t get the sense that the cookie overwhelmed the mint chocolate flavor at all. No, these were basically a classier version of a Thin Mint (if that’s even possible).

Pretty straightforward and well executed. Should’ve done this years ago, Pepperidge Farm. BUY.

PURCHASED AT: Wegmans, Germantown, MD

COST: $3.00 on sale



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  1. Juvi says:

    I’m pumpkin spiced out, so looking forward to gingerbread. Cubbies pull it off in 7….I hope.

  2. Sophia R says:

    Brussels, quickly followed by Geneva and Chessman, are my favorite Pepperidge Farm cookies.

    And even though I don’t follow sports, as an Ohio Gal, I’m hoping the Indians can pull it off.

  3. Anne Sutton says:

    These cookies look delicious. I’m pulling for the Cubs! The best costume I saw was a five year old dressed as a gigantic inflatable rubber duckie. It was hilarious to watch him waddle along.

  4. Veronika says:

    These look yummy!
    One of the girls at work wore a red hoodie, and carried the handle bars from her bike with ET in the basket. Super cute, creative, and fairly easy…
    Go Cubs!

  5. TropicalChrome says:

    They DID do these years ago. Brussels Mint were part of Pepperidge Farms’ standard line of cookies for a number of years, but they were discontinued a couple years back (roughly circa 2009). I know because they were my favorite Pepperidge Farms cookie hands down, and I was devastated (ok, mildly miffed) when they were no longer available. I’m glad they’re back for the season, and I’m glad I have a large freezer.

  6. Ann says:

    After munching on Mint Brussels all winter long, I’ve come to the conclusion that these cookies need to be a regular Pepperidge cookie again. Sometimes Mint Milanos aren’t enough. Were that Pepperidge Farm would make a mint/chocolate cookie collection… <3

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