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JFG Nation, I’m almost back to normal…I think. I was groggy again around 7:00pm but fought my way to about 9:30pm before I passed out. “You’re basically going to bed at a reasonable hour,” said the JFGal. Grumble – that’s no fun. BEING TIRED IS NO FUN. Then again, sleep is glorious. So…win?

Let’s check out some more snacks I saw in Spain:


GAHHHHHH! This was probably the most frightening bag I saw in Spain. The oversized MOUTH is already scary, BUT WHY THE RED MUSTACHE? Is this Ronald McDonald on an off day? With all the clown buzz recently, this is terrifying. I don’t care if the red shirt makes it look like Ken Bone; this is a scary bag through and through. The translation is “to the point of salt,” by the way. So these are just plan salted potato chips – the bag’s appearance is JUST FOR GIGGLES. <retches>


Ketchupitas! These Funyun-looking sticks are apparently flavored like ketchup and the images look like something straight out of Sausage Party. Still, I’ve had ketchup flavored chips before and liked them. I didn’t buy these because the bag was huge and I only wanted a little bit. I….don’t think I missed out that much.


Of course we’re all curious how Oreos look in other countries, so…


In Spain, regular and DOBLE CREMA Oreos were sold in tubular wrapped sleeves, not the rectangular packages we have. I like this; saves on packaging and waste. I get that the plastic tray prevents cookie break, but so what? In the end I’m just licking the wrapping anyways and that plastic tray just gets in the way.


OHHHH FUDGE COVERED OREOS. We have these sometimes in the US, although Oreo likes to release and then pull back the White Fudge ones just to tease us. But these are a staple in Spain – I saw them everywhere. “Banadas” means “showered in”….I demand all Oreos be showered in something going forward. Chocolate, cookie butter, ketchupitas, whatever.

Any thoughts on the above? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. dean says:

    i Love oreo bañadas and to be honest its one of the things i miss the most about spain…now i live in the UK i cant find them anywhere and i live in a perpetual state of suffering
    but then again in the uk there’s more variety of candy and crisps so i can’t really complain

  2. Nacho says:

    I’m Spanish and I’m so proud of seeing that my favourite junk food blogger has visited my country!!! BTW that Frit ravich brand is the worst and cheapest of all. Also , there are Oreo cookies in cardboard boxes too, that come in 4 cookie plastic. Wraps

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