Review: New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s & How Cold Do You Like Your Water?

JFG Nation, riddle me this: how cold do you like your water? I was debating this with a friend of mine, because for me the answer is as cold as I can get it. He said he hates cold water because it hurts his teeth – ok fine. So he says he leaves his Brita out on the counter so he can always drink room temperature water. Which SOUNDS INSANE TO ME.

I get not wanting super iced water if you have teeth sensitivities – but lukewarm water???? I hate lukewarm water. Not even a slight chill? Am I on an island here?

Let me know in the comments below – what is your ideal and preferred temperature of your drinking water?

Today’s junk food: New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s!!


Hey look! A Halloween product! You don’t say. These New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s were discussed on the Nosh Show and I finally got the chance to go to a Target because apparently that’s the only place where these are sold.


New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s are a white chocolate/confection M&M, like the Candy Corn variety. the general consensus has been while the flavored Chocolate M&M’s have been a bit of a bust (looking at you, Gingerbread M&M’s), the white choco versions have been better. We shall see!


As soon as I opened up this bag of New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s, the butterscotch flavor came TUMBLING out – wow. Very very strong aroma! Unmistakeable butterscotch smell. Boom – now the worries of these being cloying is kicking in.


New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s tasted good, REALLY good, if you’re into butterscotch. As soon as my teeth pierced the candy shell these tasted immediately like butterscotch – super sweet and creamy. Eventually the flavor melted into the white chocolate flavor, and left a great sweet flavor in my mouth. Flavor wise, spot on.


If I had any complaint about these New White BOOtterscotch M&M’s, it’s the same complaint I have with most white chocolate M&M’s which is that the cloying sugariness does start to dominate after a while. By the tenth piece, I was not really getting the butterscotch flavor anymore and had that dry tongue sugary feeling. So so sweet. Like my tongue had been numbed by all the sugar.

So, not a huge complaint but still something I wanted to mention. Otherwise, these were tasty…someone find some Ben & Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch and add these.

Purchased at: Target, Frederick, MD

Cost: $3.19 on sale



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Discuss - 13 Comments

  1. MP says:

    My water: glass chilled, full of ice cubes & at 33 degrees. I find milk straight out of the fridge too warm & gross. Even during the great Polar Vortex I was still putting ice in my milk!
    Whenever I have to work or play outside the next day, I’ll freeze an old Gatorade container with water overnight & slowly melt throughout the day. Mmmm.

  2. Kelly says:

    Put me in the luke warm category. I will drink more water if it is a little on the warm side. I don’t put ice in any drinks, either. This is all even stranger because I live in a hot, desert climate….

  3. J says:

    Room-temperature water all the way! I fill up my water in the morning at work and put all 2 liters on my desk, so as I drink it through the day, it’s room temperature. I don’t like how cold water feels/tastes. Now, I don’t like warm water either. Regular room temperature is just perfect for me πŸ™‚

  4. Jessica Kuligowski says:

    Honestly, I have my Brita on the counter as well but I keep a pitcher in the fridge for when I need cold water.

  5. Marianne says:

    Im in the room temp camp as well. As Kelly said above, I can drink much more water at room temp than when its cold. And I too live in a hot (though not dry) climate, south Florida. My trainer says our bodies get hydrating benefits of water faster when its cold, but my argument is, my body needs the most water I can give it, so it has to be room temp.

  6. Technosquid says:

    Somebody has to get baking with these. BOO-tterscotch blondies, or BOO-tterscotch oatmeal cookies. I’d try, but I’d probably just start a fire.

  7. Elisa says:

    I like to add lime juice to my water and put in it the fridge to chill before I go to work in the morning. Definitely need cold water during the summer months!
    There’s a water cooler at my work with hot and cold tabs. I go for cold since the building can be dry at times.

  8. The Chickapedia says:

    Practically frozen water for me. So cold it hurts your throat cold.

  9. Sara Kinn says:

    Super cold camp. Word of advice though, don’t eat one of those ice breakers or frost mints and then drink really cold water. It creates an instant ice cream headache.

  10. Sophia Rester says:

    Cold water is the way to go, with extra ice during warmer weather. I can tolerate water from the cold tap on the sink, but room temp water is too much for me most of the time (unless I wake up in the middle of the night and I am too lazy to get out of bed to get fresh water).

    As for the M&M’s, I bought a bag at Target and took it to work with me. I, and most of the people in my office, liked them. One person said they were good because they were different enough that you were satisfied by a few, and not mindlessly eating them like you would with regular M&M’s.

    I have my fingers crossed that the Hot Cocoa version comes back this winter!

  11. MIchelle says:

    No lukewarm for me; ice-water cold is my preference. I even put an ice cube in my milk, on the rare occasions I drink milk. Same with soda.

    I love butterscotch, so I’ll have to try to find these M&Ms for Halloween.

  12. runinboise says:

    Room temp water for me please. I can drink it faster and the ice cubes don’t get in my way or make a mess with water rings on the coffee table.

  13. Beeb says:

    You are not on a island, I don’t understand those who don’t like cold water. It’s iced all the way for me. I will drink room temp water when I’m really thirsty, but it is just not as satisfying. I love cold water so much, at night I crush ice in my Ninja for crushed ice water. Yum

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