Review: Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips & What Olympics Sports Could You Do….Right Now

JFG Nation, we’re watching a lot of Olympics, right? These people are amazing athletes. I’m pretty sure Katie Ledecky controls water…she has that power ring from Captain Planet, right? She can just bend water to her will?

Question: What is the Olympic sport you think you could perform the best in…RIGHT. NOW. Like, no training, no practice, nothing. They drop you into the middle of Rio. Better question: Which sport could you perform in, and NOT FINISH LAST.

Like, any swimming event for me? Forget it. I’d drown as soon as I jumped off the block. Archery? I’d fire that arrow into the stands. Gymnastics??? I CAN DO A TUMBLE. But no – most, if not ALL Olympic sports, I am FULLY CONFIDENT that I’d come in last, DEAD LAST, as soon as I hit the competition.

So which sport do I think I could finish not-last? Check out the list of events here…. for me, I think it’d have to be a shooting event, like the 10m Air Pistol, because at least I’ve DONE that before, and the gun does all the work. I’m not saying it’s easy, but at least I know I could DO it and maybe MAYBE hit the target? But you take a sport like soccer? I know how to play, but I wouldn’t even be able to get near the ball before someone took it away. Trampolining? I’d get on there and couldn’t do one flip. Golf? Get ready for triple digit scores, my friends.

So how about YOU, JFG Nation? What is the BEST Olympic sport you could do – RIGHT. NOW. Let me know in the comments below. You must also justify your answer.

Today’s junk food: Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips!!

Lay's Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips: The Money Shot

Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips: The Money Shot

LAST INTERNATIONAL FLAVOR! Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips – I’ve been to Brazilian BBQs before, and it’s awesome. Endless meat, and the picanha cut is the best cut (although I love when the Brazilian BBQ place has fried chicken livers on a skewer, but whatever.)


Brazilian BBQs always try to trick you, like any buffet, into eating their delicious looking side dishes. PASTA? ARE YOU KIDDING ME, FOGO DE CHAO??? Keep your vegetables and bread away from me and bring me the Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips…I mean, bring me the Picanha.


Chimichurri is basically an oil/vinegar mix loaded with fresh herbs. It helps give the juicy steak a bit of herbaciousness and some tang to help cut the salty meaty oily OMG I WANT STEAK NOW.



I opened the bag of Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips and snifffffed – I could smell the beef. I could smell the chimichurri. It was light, and I’m pretty sure I was smelling the bag too…but the aroma profile seemed to be there.


I munched on a few of these Lay’s Brazilian Picanha Potato Chips, and then I munched a few more, and then a few more – these were good. Dare I say, on point. Usually with a meat or steak chip, the risk is that it’ll just taste like beef bouillon. These did not. These were not overly salty. These did not taste like beef soup mix, or have an overly-smoky taste. The flavor of these chips was of a lightly smoked/grilled beef steak flavor. The more I munched, the more I marveled – it tasted like steak!!

The chimichurri? While I’m not used to having it on steak, I didn’t mind it on these chips. It added a little bit of tang and savoriness on the back end of the chip, and made the chip more complex. These chips weren’t just a meat bomb; there was some tang, some herb, some excitement to break up the grilled smoky flavor. If I thought hard enough, the tiny bit of chimichurri tang reminded me of the tang of a nice rare steak, amped up. Really really tasty.

All in all, I enjoyed these. I think they did a very good job replicating the flavor of picanha. Now, with any chip like this, I could easily see how if your brain doesn’t click into it right away, you might think these were waaaay off base. But trust me – these were accurately flavorful and easy eat for me.

Purchased at: Giant Food, Van Ness, DC

Price: $2.50 on sale



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Discuss - 6 Comments

  1. Jessica says:

    I suppose I could compete in weightlifting…I am fully capable of the Olympic lifts. Can I clean and jerk more than 75lbs…no, so I wouldn’t be competitive but I could and do it on a regular basis.

  2. Sascha says:

    Handball goalie. I mean, those guys are basically ornaments anyway, right? Have you ever seen one make an actual save? I think I’d be awesome at not making saves, and I’m 6’2″ 270, so i could luck into a couple just from being in the way.

  3. ruckus says:

    erm it would have to be a diving event – i know how to jump in the water after all

  4. Derek says:

    Do they still make the Snyder Steak and Onion chips? Those were phenomenal.

  5. Steph' says:

    Eh, I had high expectations of these chips after your review since I love beef flavor chips and these were just “meh” to me. Very tasty, just as you said, but “meh” on the beef.

    The picanha chips were more like Applebee’s garlic mashed potatoes that have been sitting next to your steak and have absorbed some of the steak juices but they’re overwhelmingly mostly spice and potato. Nowhere near as beefy as some of the 90’s Golden Flake flavors. Maybe I just like beef too much…

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