MICRO-REVIEW: Napoli’s Margherita Pizza Crust Chips

Today’s review: Napoli’s Margherita Pizza Crust Chips!!

Napoli's Margherita Pizza Crust Chips: The Money Shot

Napoli’s Margherita Pizza Crust Chips: The Money Shot






I had to take a break from the Lay’s international flavors today, JFG Nation. As a palate cleanser, I opened up this bag of Napoli’s Margherita Pizza Crust Chips. As I sniffed the bag, lots of aroma of oregano came wafting out, along with a bit of basil and tomato smell.

The chips were shaped in these longish rounded-tipped triangles, with a small line drawn to make each chip look like, well, a slice of pizza. Visual-execution-wise, I give these high marks. Taste? Ehhhhhhhh………not so much. The chips were super crispy, which I liked, sort of like a water cracker that had been baked longer. Nice snap, nice crunch, nice crisp.

But the flavor fell flat. The taste I got was a lot of oregano, with a very very weak base of tomato flavor behind it. I’ve had a lot of weak weak tomato sauces in my life, and this tomato was even weaker. It started and then was lost in my saliva. All the flavors did – as soon as I chewed a couple times, it was like munching on a season-less cracker.

Maybe these would be good dipped into some sort of pizza dip or something, but on its own, this was a meh chip for me.

Purchased at: Giant Food, Van Ness, DC

Price: $2.50 on sale



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  1. Chad says:

    Fuck you man, these fuckers are fucking good.

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m addicted to these bastards and now I can’t find them anywhere?!! I’m worse than Pookie from NewJack!! WTH, you can’t turn me onto this deliciousness and then cut a witch off! #JonesingInSC!! ???

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