Review: Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s & Admitting Which Countries I Had No Idea Existed

JFG Nation, I think I’ve decently well read. And while I’m no Geography Bee alum, I think I can do pretty well with a blank globe. But I have to admit – watching the Summer Olympic Ceremonies on Friday night, I definitely saw athletes from countries I had never heard of. EVER. Are these new countries? Or am I just an idiot? I’VE WATCHED THE OLYMPICS BEFORE. You’d think I would’ve heard of some of these countries by virtue of that fact alone! But no.

Here’s the countries I’ve never heard of, and some fun facts I Wiki-ed:

  1. Benin – it’s in Africa, and cotton exporting is 40% of its GDP. FUN!
  2. Comoros – it’s a collection of islands between Africa and Madagascar, and is one of the world’s poorest countries. That’s NOT fun. Damnit, Wiki.
  3. Nauru – it’s an island somewhere northeast of Australia, and has a total square footage of eight square miles. Seriously. It’s smaller than DC.
  4. Seychelles – it’s a tiny island northeast of Madagascar, and has a higher incarceration rate than the US, at 868 prisoners per 100,000 people. Sheesh.
  5. Timor-Leste – it’s part of the Indonesian islands, and Starbucks is a major purchaser of East Timor coffee.
  6. Vanuatu – a tiny island east of Australia, this place participated in something called the COCONUT WAR! Which apparently was sort of a destructive uprising, BUT IT SOUNDS SO CUTE!

Anyways, did you see countries YOU never heard of? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s!!

Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay's: The Money Shot

Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s: The Money Shot

Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s are the second flavor released by Lay’s during these Olympics. This flavor is not new, having popped up in Costcos a while back and in Canada too. Now it’s finally in my hands.


When I think Tzatziki, I want to taste the cucumber. That’s what I’m looking for. Cucumber flavor.


See, the problem with a flavor like this is that tzatziki isn’t a particularly prominent enough flavor that you’re going to woo people who have never had tzatziki before and convert them. I feel like, going in, if you’re trying these Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s, it’s because you LIKE tzatziki and want to try it on chips. This is really a niche flavor, IMO.



Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s has natural cucumber flavor, which is a plus. Dill? Check. Garlic? Check. Sour cream and yogurt? Check check.


I tried a few of these Greek Tzatziki Wavy Lay’s and…sigh, no. Not a fan. Smelling the bag, I got a consistent garlic smell. Not too strong, but definitely present. As I popped a chip into my mouth, I got a creamy flavor – but there wasn’t a roundness to it that reminded me of yogurt. It was a stronger sour cream flavor than anything else. The garlic flavor came out to add to the savoriness, and the dill seasoning punctuated the overall taste. But no cucumber flavor. At all. I tried tasting it, but no. Dangit.

These weren’t bad, per se, but they were just a dill-y creamy chip. I could eat a bunch of these, but in terms of nailing tzatziki flavor, these definitely missed the mark. Tasted fine, but overall disappointing. Meh.

Purchased at: Giant Food, Van Ness, DC

Price: $3.00 on sale



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  1. Mike N. says:

    Hey JFG, long time no comment, but I was thinking about you because of that kid who had his neck broken (or was decapitated depending on the news story) on that ‘insane’ water slide in Kansas. I learned about that thing on your site. It’s definitely a sad story. Kansas has become a scary state in general over the past several years due to their elected officials and this crazy water slide seems exemplary of that fact.

    • T says:

      You are correct. I live pretty close to this park (in Missouri though, thank goodness). They pushed for that slide to open in Kansas for the money and publicity since Schlitterbahn has been failing here. Their park was supposed to be this wonderful huge place, and it’s just a little dirt park with nothing really but the slide to attract people. Read the latest reports, the creator of the slide made it JUST TO BE ON THE TRAVEL CHANNEL’S SHOW about extreme rides to get attention for the park. It was a hurried project designed as a roller coaster! I remember watching the show and the slide flying off of it so they added a NET. It’s insane. We locals are outraged at the fact that they let this happen. The park is 100% responsible for this.

  2. I heard of Nauru a few years ago, when an NPR program, I think, did a story about how the country made some kind of ill-advised deal for mineral mining rights, and now the whole surface of the island (all eight miles of it) is like bare rock.

  3. Derek says:

    In Greece you can get oregano flavored Lay’s, which are phenomenal. Really wish they’d bring them over here.

  4. Tenko says:

    I heard of Seychelles & Vanuatu, but not the others. A webcomic taught me about Seychelles & I remember a little controversy when the show colored her wrong.

    Sounds like I’m better off dipping plain chips in tzatziki.

  5. kathy says:

    I’ve never had Tzatziki. Just tried these chips on a whim. The only thing I taste in my bag is a creamy cucumber flavor. They’re not bad.

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