Review: Wom Sauce & Stop Swerving Into My Lane to Turn, Idiots!

JFG Nation, recent driving pet peeve: it has happened more than once lately that the car next to me on a two lane street has swerved into my lane to make a turn. The other day, I’m driving to the store in the right hand lane. Ahead of me, maybe ten yards, is an SUV in the left lane. As we approach an intersection, the SUV begins to slow while I proceed at a normal speed to cross the intersection. Just as I’m about to be flush / side-by-side with the SUV, it veers right – RIGHT INTO MY LANE – causing my to swerve to the right and brake and freak the F out. The SUV then completes the veer by making a looping turn to the left, down the intersection. In other words, the SUV felt the need to make some weird sort of wide turn that required it loop into my lane before turning left. WHAT. THE. EFF.

I’ve seen this before – when people get into a parking lot with perpendicular spaces, I see this a lot. People will often make a wide loop of a turn into a parking space because they want to hit it dead on 90 degrees to fit into a space between two cars. Still annoying, but at least it makes sense to me.

But when you’re driving on the road??? KNOCK IT OFF. Just TURN NORMALLY. Stop swerving into my lane to make a turn off the road; YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THAT. When you drive in this way, it’s extremely dangerous. If I’m next to you, you’re causing me to wonder if you fell asleep at the wheel and are going to plow into me so I’m better off driving my car off the road into a ditch to avoid you. I’d rather not be in a ditch. YOU’RE THE PROBLEM, NOT ME. SO STOP IT.

Today’s review: Wom Sauce!!

Wom Sauce: The Money Shot

Wom Sauce: The Money Shot

I rarely review any sauces on this website. In fact, a quick search of my site reveals this may the first sauce I’ve EVER reviewed on this site! Nice work, Wom Sauce. This sauce was created by the family of a former co-worker of mine, and come in three varieties: Mild, Hot, and Green.


When my former co-worker gave it to me, I exclaimed, “Oh nice – Hot Sauce!” She quickly shut that down; Wom Sauce is not marketed as a hot sauce, per se, but as a flavor enhancing sauce. What the heck did that mean? “It’s not super spicy; it’s really designed to bring out other flavors,” she explained. Hm. Ok – I’d need to taste this sauce in action to understand.



The sauce itself is a need red color with a slight viscosity – that clearly comes from the gum. I tasted a bit of the sauce alone. The flavor was powerful – the first flavor I got was sweetness and tangy sourness. The vinegar was bold, but not overwhelming. It was just enough tang to make my saliva glands work. The next flavor that came rushing in was of the habanero peppers – the sweet spiciness of the peppers kicked in with a good amount of spice that subsided very quickly as my saliva glands activated. The flavor of the habaneros lasted as the burn cooled relatively quickly. Very, very interesting.


I tried some of the Wom Sauce on some eggs – REALLY good. The sauce punched my tongue with a bit of tang and spice right off the bat but then faded to let the flavor of the eggs come through, accented by the remaining spices. I could see why Wom Sauce called itself a flavor enhancing sauce – the sauce wasn’t hot, but rather acted as a platform that the food it was added to could sit on top of. Because it generated enough boldness to make my mouth water, it helped bring out the flavors of the eggs I ate.

Not bad, Wom Sauce, not bad. I like where you’re going with this. So many sauces these days just try to be hot hot hot, it’s good to see that someone is thinking of flavor first. Moreover, it’s interesting to see a sauce that, when added to other food, doesn’t overpower the food. When I eat Frank’s Red Hot, it’s because I WANT Buffalo flavor. When I eat Sriracha, it’s because I want that Thai Chili/Garlic spice. Here, the Wom Sauce just added enough flavor to give the food I was eating some peaks and valleys. While I think the phrase “flavor enhancing sauce” sounds a little clinical, its exactly what the sauce is. I dig it.

Purchased at: Given to me, but you can learn more here.

Price: Normally about ~$8.00 a bottle.



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  1. Alek says:

    I noticed it is in Maryland area near DC maybe it cheaper since it is locally

  2. Juvi says:

    I could understand making a wide loop for a U turn, but just to turn left? Strange.

  3. The label is so well written, then on the last line it loops wide to the left into a grammatical ditch…what’s up with that? Grammar cleanup in aisle three, Herb.

  4. Greg says:

    I ordered a bottle of this on Monday based on reading your review. I will be back to let you know what I think.

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