Review: Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies & These Elevator Buttons Putting Me On Tilt

JFG Nation, my building recently got a new elevator. It’s beautiful – super quiet, modern, yet classically designed in both metal and paint color. And then my buildingmate Rebecca recently posted this:

IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS TOO. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. I feel the same way when I see a calendar that is designed with both Saturday and Sunday on the END of the week. NO ONE THINKS OF WEEKS LIKE THAT, LEXIS NEXIS.

But honestly, who the hell placed the 4 and the 5 like that? WHY, BUILDING, WHY? THIS AIN’T NO FIBONACCI SEQUENCE. Does this tilt you too, JFG Nation, or am I just overthinking it? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies!!

Trader Joe's Shooting Stars Cookies: The Money Shot

Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies: The Money Shot

Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies are the first cookie I’ve seen that has included Pop Rocks as an ingredient. I’ve tried two different types of chocolate with Pop Rocks in it (here and here) and I’ve had cereal with Pop Rocks in it…but never a cookie.


JFG: “What!? What the hell does this mean, Trader Joe’s?!?! This better not pop in my face or so help me…”

<opens package, nothing pops out>

JFG: (staring at open box) “…..RIP OFF.”


Carbonated candy “meteoroids”…..hoookay, Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies. Just call them Pop Rocks and be done with it.



By the way, in case you’re wondering how Pop Rocks work, read this from PopSugar:

“In any form — hard, soft, or chewy — candy is essentially a sugar-water mixture that’s been cooled and hardened. In the case of Pop Rocks, an extra step is required: The sugar-water syrup mixes with pressurized carbon dioxide gas (roughly 600 pounds per square inch!), which forms tiny, pressurized bubbles in the candy. Once it cools, the pressure is released and the candy shatters, but pieces still contain pressurized bubbles. When consumed, these pieces melt in your mouth, releasing the bubbles with a loud snap. That’s the sound of the pressurized air being released from the bubble.”

There you have it – the little bubbles have pressurized gas in them!


Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies smelled great when I opened the package. Each cookie was drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate and the smell of the chocolate was super strong.


Each of the Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies had a healthy dose of Pop Rocks stuck to the drizzle – light brown in color, the popping candy stuck to the cookies REALLY well. This wasn’t a situation where all of the Pop Rocks had fallen off into the tray.


I snacked on a couple of these Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars Cookies and….not bad! The basic sugar cookies themselves were super snappy – like the crispness of a gingersnap (without the ginger). The cookie was light and crunched really nicely.

The semi-sweet chocolate flavor was all consuming, as the chocolate was not only drizzled on the front but also dipped on the back. Chocolate coverage was not a problem.

The Pop Rocks themselves? Well, they did crackle a bit in my mouth as I chewed…but the novelty wore off quickly. The Pop Rocks themselves didn’t add any particular flavor to the cookie – they were just sugar flavored – and after a few crunches, the pops were gone. The whole cookie felt a little gimmicky. Still, the basic sugar cookie plus semi-sweet chocolate combo was hard to beat.

All in all, these cookies good, not bad, but the Pop Rocks weren’t anything special. I’d eat these again, but don’t sweat if you can’t find these.

Purchased at: Trader Joe’s, Gaithersburg, MD

Price: $2.99



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  1. Alek says:

    I LOVE poprocks. Why haven’t TJ’s sells only pop-rocks yet?!

  2. Kahnye Best says:

    Does the elevator actually go to the floor designated by the respective buttons? At least the Braille matches up with the numbers.

  3. What if they just put up and down arrows INSIDE the elevator, like on the outside? So you get in and hit ‘up’ and it randomly takes you to a floor. Too high? Hit ‘down’ and hope for the best. Not high enough? ‘Up’ and try again. Maybe configure with sound effects from the Price Is Right…”HIGHER!!! LOWER!!!”

    Yeah. That would be fun.


  4. fbenario says:

    That elevator panel also has another oddity. In America the ground/lobby floor usually is the first floor, and the next floor up is the second floor. Conversely, in England the floor above the ground/lobby usually is the first floor. Your elevator panel thus looks like it’s in England, not America. What’s up with that?

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