MICRO-REVIEW: Turkey Hill Haymakers Lemon Punch

Today’s review: Turkey Hill Haymakers Lemon Punch!!

Turkey Hill Haymakers Lemon Punch: The Money Shot

Turkey Hill Haymakers Lemon Punch: The Money Shot

Turkey Hill Haymakers Lemon Punch is the next in the line of switchel-homage drinks that Turkey Hill sent me. Basically, as opposed to the cider I reviewed last week, this one is a lemonade based drink.





This Turkey Hill Haymakers Lemon Punch was REALLY tasty. I liked this ten times more than the cider, and I liked the cider just fine! But this lemonade really captured all of the other switchel-like flavors well. The aroma of the drink was lemon-y and I could smell the honey. After my first sip I could REALLY taste the honey – it tasted like a lemonade sweetness by a lot of honey whose tartness was maintained by a dose of apple cider vinegar.

The honey flavor made the sweetness very smooth, letting tiny bits of ginger and molasses to come out. But the main flavor I got here was lemon and honey and it was TASTY. Smooth sweet, not cloying, good crispness due to the vinegar. Loved it.

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  1. MP says:

    Get back in the fields, Farmer JFG! 😛
    Over 7 teaspoons of sugar per serving, yikes! I also saw a slideshow somewhere that vitamin water is loaded with sugar, too.

    • Marianne says:

      I gasped too when I saw how much sugar it has! It better be tasty for that amount. But I probably won’t try it. I’d rather eat my sugar in the form of ice cream or something like that. Not drink it.

  2. Marianne says:

    and that’s for ** 2 ** servings!

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