JFG Nation, I was in Connecticut/Rhode Island for a wedding this weekend and somewhere along the way I was bit by a mosquito. In several places. Everywhere – legs, forearm, butt. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

I’ve tried every home remedy in the book to stop the itching. Lemon juice. Vinegar. Rubbing alcohol. It’s fine, but not great. Let me know in the comments below – how do YOU deal with mosquito bites??? I’m dying over here.

Today’s review: Mystic Pizza 2!


Mystic Pizza 2 is the second location of the famous Connecticut pizza place by the water. I never heard of it until the movie came out in the late 80’s. But since I was in the area, I had to see what the buzz was about.


Mystic Pizza 2 was full of classic pizza restaurant charm. The vinyl booths. The stained glass light shades hanging over the tables. The juke box. Parmesan and red pepper shakes on the table. Classic charm.


The large pepperoni pie at Mystic Pizza 2 came out in less than 15 minutes. It was PIPING HOT – I definitely burned the sh*t out of my mouth on the first bite.

The crust was definitely a pan crust, like Pizza Hut – you could tell by the way the edges of the pizza were. The cheese on top was molten and the pepperoni coverage was decent. But the thickness of the pie, the way the pepperonis tucked into the places where the pizza was sliced – it definitely LOOKED and reminded me of Pizza Hut.


One bite into the pie and my prediction was confirmed…this was a pie very very similar to Pizza Hut, but with better quality. The sauce was on the sweeter side, and plenty zesty – the flavors of oregano and basil were worked into the sweet sauce. The cheese was plentiful – one of those ratios where you bite into it and there is a looooong thread of cheese from mouth to slice.

But the crust!  The crust is what reminded me most of Pizza Hut – buttery crust where your fingers hold the pizza, and the crust under the cheese was soft except for the very bottom where the butter or oil had crisped the piece in the pan. The crust reminded me of a good Sicilian slice – a little spongy with some crisp at the bottom.

Overall, the flavor was familiar – I grew up eating Pizza Hut, after all – so while the JFGal didn’t love it (as someone who never had Pizza Hut), I found a certain comfort in it.


Mystic Pizza 2 didn’t compare to the slices I’d eaten in NYC or even here in DC, but the local charm was worth it. If you’re into a slightly thicker crust, you’ll like this.

Purchased at: Mystic Pizza 2 – website here.

Price: $15.00 for the pie



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  1. Shorneys says:

    You went all the way to CT/RI and didn’t go to New Haven, where you’re supposed to (a) go to Louis Lunch for a burger; (b) go to Sally’s for white clam pizza’ and (c) poop on Yale.

    Your lack of commitment is appalling. FOR SHAME.

  2. MP says:

    I have a method for mosquito bites, JFG, and it really works. I’ve been doing this for years, but it’s kind of gross.
    You ready for this? You know how when you get bit by a snake, you’re supposed to suck the venom out? Well, one time I got mosquito bitten on my forearm, thought of this and for the hell of it, I sucked on it hard for 5-10 seconds & spat. Felt a slight tingle on my tongue. The next day the bite was gone!
    So I tried it again whenever I got a bite & it still worked; even when I used a straw for hard to reach places. Then I used a vacuum hose on my legs & that worked too. There’s something about the histamines(?) that react with your blood or skin that causes you to itch. Tho the key I think is to do it shortly after it happens while the skin is still broken. I haven’t tried it on days old bites.
    Oh I also remember using some kind of clear gel stuff from the drug store in the early 1990s that worked; no idea what it was called.

  3. Anne says:

    I live in a place where the mosquito is considered our mascot. I swear by witch hazel on the bite. I loved mystic pizza and their green peppers in the sauce in CT!

  4. Jessica says:

    Lifelong coastal FL resident: Aloe and baking soda for skeeter bites.

    I had a white sauce pizza at Mystic Pizza…and this was a trip that included bites at Legal Seafood in Boston and the best stuffed clam I’ve ever had at some bar in Providence…and I still think it was memorable.

  5. CTmostlysucks says:

    Should’ve drove over a little further for Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven. Good Lawd.

    All I’ve ever had by Mystic was their frozen pizza. Once.

    Any comparison to Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Little Caesar’s, et al might as well render a pizza radioactive for me.

  6. The Chickapedia says:

    I went to the original Mystic Pizza a couple of weeks ago. Not really impressed. (We were in Mystic to just chill out since I don’t live too far).

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