Review: New S’mores Chips Ahoy! & More Pokemon Go! Griping

JFG Nation, after yesterday’s mini-rant about Pokemon Go being the death of us, I woke to see this article over on Gizmodo:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 7.38.16 AM

NICE. The article basically highlights numerous tweets sent out by users complaining that they were running around too much during the day playing the game. First, that’s hilarious (GET SOME SUN ONCE IN A WHILE, GUYS); two, I swear that we will see a story of someone running their car into a lightpost chasing a Kakuna; and three, this was a recent exchange between me and the JFGal:

JFGal: “What’s this Pokemon Go! thing?”

JFG: “It’s a mobile app where you look through the phone’s camera and it displays a virtual game layered onto of reality. Then you try to capture virtual Pokemon through the app.”

JFGal: “I used to love Pokemon!”

JFG: “Pokemon was after my time. Seems dumb.”

JFGal: “You’re dumb.”

Today’s junk food: New S’mores Chips Ahoy!


New S’mores Chips Ahoy! and the new Red Velvet Chips Ahoy! Were sent to me about a month ago…but they got lost in the packing, moving, painting shuffle. Now that I’ve seen them in virtually every store, I dug them back out to try.

As you can see below, Chips Ahoy! is following the “S’mores is a summer flavor” trend that I disagreed with that everyone blasted me for.


New S'mores Chips Ahoy!

New S’mores Chips Ahoy!

New S’mores Chips Ahoy! have chocolate chips and marshmallow chips and a large chocolate filling. But where’s the graham flavor? The cookie? That’s the part I’m worried about – are these s’mores, or just chocolate marshmallow cookies?




When I opened these New S’mores Chips Ahoy!, I didn’t smell s’mores – I smelled your standard Chips Ahoy! cookie. Sweet dough, hint of chocolate. They smelled good – but not distinctly s’mores-ish. Plus, the cookies were a bit of a mess – these were so soft there were crushed and broken cookies everywhere.


I munched a few of these New S’mores Chips Ahoy!, and I’ll say this – they aren’t bad. They’re fine. They are a solid Chips Ahoy! cookie, but I didn’t quite get the s’mores flavor. I got chocolate, I got marshmallow…maybe the sweet cookie dough had a LITTLE bit of honey graham flavor? I strained to taste that.

If anything, I got a bit of a coconut flavor due to the oils used in this cookie. After heating them, I enjoyed these cookies more – like other Chips Ahoy!, that soft hot chocolate flavor satisfies a definite spot in my mind.

Solid cookie? Yes. S’mores? I didn’t get it. Worth buying? Yes if you just want your basic Chips Ahoy! with some marshmallow. But if you’re definitely looking for a s’mores flavor, these won’t scratch that itch.

Purchased at: Sent to me, but they seems to be everywhere now.

Price: Seen them anywhere from $2.00 to $3.00 each



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Discuss - 2 Comments

  1. Alek says:

    I think the filling should be marshmallow fluff not a chocolate filling

  2. Alley says:

    It was after my time, too, but there is definitely something satisfying about going to the liquor store and throwing pokeballs at a giant cartoon bat.

    I’m with Alek; I think the filling should’ve been fluff.

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