Review: Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo, The Nosh Show Ep. 81, & Pokemon Go! Is How We Perish

Good morning JFG Nation! Or is it Pokemon Nation? IF you haven’t heard, Pokemon Go is a new app on your phone where you essentially interact with the real world AS IF you are a Pokemon trainer trying to catch them all! You hold your phone in front of you and scan the real landscape, and you might see Pokemon pop up like this:


If you’re not a Pokeman fan (I am not), then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. But the bottom line – this is one of the first apps to actually put you, the user, into a game using your phone’s camera to simulate a real-time environment. I’m surprised it took so long. In just a very short amount of time, Pokemon daily use has almost reached Twitter levels. It has more downloads than Tinder in just a short time span. AND IT WILL BE THE DEATH OF US.

The app encourages people to pay attention to the environment represented in the phone, and NOT in reality. On a very basic level, you have people walking around with their phones in front of their faces searching for Pokemon, not watching when YOU ALMOST RUN INTO ME AND KNOCK MY PIZZA TO THE GROUND. That did almost happen on Saturday. I shoulda kicked that guy in the nuts…but it was a little kid, so that would’ve meant jail time.

Texting and driving? Try veering your car 60 mph into the next lane because you saw a Charizard. There are already stories about armed robbers putting out fake “Pokestops” (I have no idea), luring unsuspecting users and robbing them at gunpoint. One second you think you’ve got a Squirtle, the next you’re handing over your phone and your robber is like, “Hey, you have Squirtle already?? SWEET.”‘

Ah, I know – just me ranting like an old man again. Still, I encourage all Pokemon Go users to please – look both ways before crossing the street.

What do you think? Are you a player? Let me know in the comments below.


For you new arrivals, The Nosh Show is a podcast started by Marvo from The Impulsive Buy, featuring Ryan from GrubGrade, Dubba from On Second Scoop, and, of course, me, your friendly neighborhood JFG. And today marks the release of The Nosh Show, Episode 81: Oreo Double Stuff Thins!

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This week: “Chips Ahoy Thins, Carl’s Jr.’s Budweiser burger, Crystal Pepsi, Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos reviews, Eric causing trouble at the Summer Fancy Food Show, Dubba melting, and much more.” You can listen embedded here:

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Today’s junk food: Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo!

Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo: The Money Shot

Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo: The Money Shot

Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreos! Tracked these suckers down. My excitement for these is moderate – after all, from a flavor standpoint, it’s not the most innovative.


From a design and execution standpoint, however, these Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo look pretty cool. Another new cookie – not quite a golden Oreo, not quite a graham Oreo, speckled with what looks like chocolate chip bits. And a chocolate chip, cookie-dough looking, creme. Beige on beige isn’t the prettiest, but I’m giving Oreo high marks for design effort here.

The question remains in my head: how different will these be than the Cookie Dough Oreos that came out a couple years ago?



When I opened these Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreos, the aroma that came off of them was quite pleasant. One second I thought I was smelling Oreos, but the next second it felt like I was smelling Chips Ahoy – that sweet dough aroma spiked with a little bit of chocolate was unmistakeable. These smelled….pretty good!


These Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo certainly LOOKED the part. Like the photo on the front of the package: chocolate chip cookie wafers and cookie dough looking creme.


I tried the wafers from these Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo alone…they didn’t taste EXACTLY like chocolate chip cookies. The dough of the wafer was good – not too sweet, and the bits of chocolate resonated well on my tongue. In a lot of ways, these sort of tasted liked a not-so-sweet chocolate chip cookie thin.


The creme of these Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo reminded me of the cookie dough creme from the Cookie Dough Oreos – there was an almost maple quality to the creme, as the brown sugar-y notes from the cookie dough rose to the surface. There were hints of chocolate that came out when chewed.


Eaten together, I have to confess – these Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo were WAY better than I expected! The sweet creme was muted by the wafer, but as a result a more balanced chocolate chip cookie flavor emerged! It sort of tasted like a chocolate chip cookie dipped is a basic sweet frosting. I really REALLY liked that.

I actually liked these Choco Chip Oreos more than the previous Cookie Dough Oreos because they avoided the dark wafer and also avoided the almost coffee-like flavor that the Cookie Dough ones had. I liked these better than most Chip Ahoy cookies, and I rather enjoy soft chewy Chips Ahoy. But these Choco Chip Oreos were that good – I’d buy these again, no question.

Thumbs up, Oreo.

Purchased at: Walmart, Frederick, MD

Price: $3.00 on sale



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  1. Kahnye Best says:

    A cookie WITHIN another cookie?!? How perverse.

  2. Merissa says:

    Good for all the gamers who’ve suddenly discovered a way to get motivated to exercise, but I live in Texas, and there’s no way I’m using an app that involves running around outside in July.

  3. Dubba says:

    Let me offer an opposing view (and then I will get off your lawn).

    So I am an adult with a full time job and a long commute and kids and a mortgage and at lunch I go for walks. There aren’t many places for me to go so it’s basically the exact same walk every day during my 30 min lunch break. I had pokemon go on to spice things up, much as I did this weekend as me and my son wandered around town for several hours visiting places we had never stopped at before (he had a blast with it ofcourse).

    So I pass another walker and about ten minutes later we pass each other again at a pokistop. He’s like “hey, you playing?” and we start talking. Not 30 seconds in to our conversation, a random lady interjects and goes “really?” and closes her car door as if us talking about pokemon has ruined her getting her lunchtime latte. Whatever, we ignore her. She stews for 20-30 seconds, rolls down her window, and then lectures us about playing some stupid game because, again, someone our lunchtime exercise routine is negatively affecting her life. Maybe she had a bad experience over the weekend, maybe she just sees it as “kids” with their faces in their screens, or maybe she’s anti-exercise, but go away lady. I’m not hurting anyone. Sure, maybe that kid almost hit your pizza and I would have been quite annoyed had he ruined it on you, but all the people I saw playing this weekend weren’t hurting anyone. they were out and about and smiling and interacting and it was all good.

    as a disclaimer: I do think there is the possibility of loitering being an issue in certain locations (or possibly trespassing as we did see people on a closed beach), but overall I hope the benefits of exercise and people coming together far outweighs the negatives.

    thanks for letting me vent

  4. Michael says:

    The game annoys me because I am a bad person. As an old fan, I just see this as some dumb way for half-fans to be all Hey I’m Nostalgia Look At Me. I mean they have memories of liking the series so I have no right to judge and say who is worthy to play or not lol, but it is just like people are attaching to it for no reason outside of nostalgia.

    Above, it is cool to play with your son… who won’t know most of the original pkmn but that doesn’t matter. But two grown men playing it just seems like a strange use of time. Of course it is super popular right now, but lets see when the nostalgia dies off. For the record, I don’t play limb games but I keep up with it kind of so I have no room to talk, just saying my opinion though.

    • Dubba says:

      I think “half fans” is a very relative term. Keep in mind that the pokemon franchise has generated over 57 BILLION dollars in revenue. that’s a lot of fans. It’s not something that was played 20 years ago, it’s something that has been played for the last 20 years.

      And you’d be surprised how many pokemon my son knows, he’s a fairly new convert but he loves it just the same.

      (tempted to rant but I will resist)

      P.S. I love these new Oreos

  5. Ann says:

    Little more than a year later and PoGo gets legendaries causing groups of people to gather at certain areas in hopes of taking down together! It’s a strange sight to see a group of people huddling together tapping away on their smartphones. The craze has certainly died down – now most people who are playing are the hardcore gamers, powering up their Blisseys and Dragonites while all the casuals have left and only come back for events.

    Still waiting for Mew, Niantic!!

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