MICRO-REVIEW: New Cheez-It Italian 4 Cheese & Spicy Queso Sandwich Crackers

Today’s review: New Cheez-It Italian 4 Cheese & Spicy Queso Sandwich Crackers!!

New Cheez-It Italian 4 Cheese & Spicy Queso Sandwich Crackers: The Money Shot

New Cheez-It Italian 4 Cheese & Spicy Queso Sandwich Crackers: The Money Shot

See the overexposure, JFG Nation? That’s because I have no good lighting in my home anymore. So those white streaks on the wall? That’s the joint compound I applied to fix a crack I found. See the green tape at the bottom right of the pic? That’s the frog tape I laid down to begin painting. All of that adds up to why this is the only photo of this product I can muster right now.

I reviewed the original Cheddar variety of these Sandwich Crackers last week, and gave it a “meh” rating – let’s get into these two:

New Cheez-It Spicy Queso Sandwich Crackers: The filling of these was indeed a little spicier and a little tangier. It reflected what I imagined a queso flavor would taste like, but wasn’t too spicy or overwhelming. These were better than the original Cheddar, having a decent pepper flavor added to the mix. However, still nothing that blew my mind away.

New Cheez-It Italian 4 Cheese Sandwich Crackers: These tasted like Pizza Combos! No joke – after I popped one in and crunched it, I sought the four cheese flavor with my tongue. While it might not have been the most nuanced flavor, the taste I did get reminded me of the slightly tomato-y, herby cheese inside of a Pizza Combos. And these were a flakier, cheesier version of those. NEAT! Still wouldn’t re-purchase, but these were my favorite of the three if you are going to buy them.

Back to it, JFG Nation!

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Van Ness, DC

COST: $2.99

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  1. ruckus says:

    I’ve tried these and my main complaint is that the crackers didn’t taste like cheeseits… cheezeits… erm however it’s spelled the crackers should have tasted like them imo

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