Review (x2): New Lemon Oreo Thins, Chocolate Oreo Thins, & Selling A House Is A ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS

JFG Nation, have you ever tried to sell a house? I’m trying to do so now, and it is STRESSFUL. Unfortunately for me (and you), this blog has taken a bit of a toll. Everything’s ends up coming second to the house:

“Hey, wanna try some new Pringles?” “WE HAVE SPACKLING TO DO.”

“Hey, check it out there’s a new Pop-Tart!” “AAAAAH YOU’RE LETTING THE PAINT DRIP.”

“I wish I could just relax, snack on some chips…” “BOXES. WE NEED MORE BOXES.”

To be clear, that’s not the JFGal harping on me – that’s the screaming going on in my own head. The sad part is as you try and try to get your house ready to pass on to some other lucky family, it feels less and less like your home. It’s a child-like excuse, I know, but I have felt totally out of sorts. That old place I used to photog my cookies? The place where I stored my extra chips? Completely wiped.

So that’s what’s been going on. I feel thankful to have a house to sell, but man is it disruptive and a royal pain. The only thing bringing me joy over the past few days is this:

Heh heh. I’m easily amused.

Thats the story – let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever undergone the house-selling process and can empathize with me.

Today’s junk food: New Lemon Oreo Thins and New Chocolate Oreo Thins!!


I’ve spotted New Lemon Oreo Thins and Chocolate Oreo Thins out and about at various stores: Wegmans, Safeway, etc. I love Oreo Thins because they are so damn easy to eat. WAAAY to easy to eat. 

To help promote the two new flavors, Oreo paired with celebrity New Orleans chef John Besh to make a fancy dessert with the chocolate variety:

Let’s check out some fancy gif-replays:


I’m no pastry chef, but that looks awesome.


Yeah I’d eat that. As for the New Lemon Oreo Thins, John Besh and pastry chef Kelly Firlds went the Blini-route, covering the lemon ones with icing and dripping some lemon “caviar” on it:


New Lemon Oreo Thins, you so fancy:


With all the Oreo saturation of the market; different flavors, etc., it makes sense they’d want to try and invade the fancy food markets. HIDE YOUR KIDS!! OREO IS COMING FOR YOUR EVERYTHING!!!

Let’s review these blickies. First, New Lemon Oreo Thins!!

New Lemon Oreo Thins: The Money Shot





Opening these New Lemon Oreo Thins, I sniffed and could get a tiny hint of citrus, but I mostly smelled Golden Oreo. I LOVED the Golden Oreo Thins, so I was very excited about these.

I popped one in my mouth and crunched…it actually took a few chews for the lemon flavor to come out. Once it did, these were very good. Very light, tons of Golden Oreo flavor, and a nice lemon citrus-y sheen that left my palate wanting more. These were not quite “refreshing” but they were well balanced so I didn’t feel like the lemon was punching me in the face. Waaaaaaay to easy to eat, especially for a lemon lover like me. They sort of reminded me of Savannah Smiles, the Girl Scout Cookie.

Next up: New Chocolate Oreo Thins!!

New Chocolate Oreo Thins: The Money Shot

New Chocolate Oreo Thins: The Money Shot





New Chocolate Oreo Thins smelled super chocolate-y right from the opening of the package. They looked dark in creme color; almost Brownie Batter Oreo dark. This was wrong, of course – the creme is such a thin layer, it could let a lot of light in between the wafers. When I opened these up the creme looked more like regular chocolate creme.

Crunching on these, they were exactly what I’d expect – a super chocolate-y cookie with tons of Oreo flavor. The sweetness of the chocolate creme basically served to accentuate and punch up the flavor of the traditional Oreo wafers. Which I really enjoyed – these did not taste like the Brownie Batter Oreos; these tasted like a light, sweet version of the normally semi-bitter Oreo wafer. Thumbs up.

I liked the lemons ones better, but both new varieties of Oreo Thins are hits in my book. Now, back to painting.

PURCHASED AT: Sent to me but I’ve seen them everywhere.

PRICE: I’ve seen these on sale for $3.00 each

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  1. Sarah says:

    I sold a house that I owned by myself. Cleaning out and packing sucks but you know what sucks more?? Having the realtor call at all hours of the day and say they would like to show your house to someone. It is a constant battle of packing while trying to keep the house spotless and perfect. Not to mention having to leave the house with a 95 pound dog every time the realtor calls. Don’t even get me started on open house. Thankfully mine sold fast…hope yours does too….or has already sold!

  2. Jessica says:

    I bet those desserts would be even better with regular Oreos. It’s not like Cookie Chips – they’re too similar to regular Oreos and not as satisfying.

  3. alek says:

    Where are you moving??

  4. Marianne says:

    The main thing I realized when we moved is, we have way TOO MUCH STUFF! Like, why have we dragged this stuff around from 2 different apartments and then to our first house? When we moved to the second house, 10 years later, we decided to seriously scale back. If I ever start to feel like we have too much stuff again, I just watch a couple of episodes of “hoarders” and then happily start clearing it out again!

  5. Alek says:

    I think that nutella oreos needs to be made.

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