Review: VÜK (NY Style Pizza & Pinball) & GET STEPPIN’, METRO GUY

JFG Nation, the subways here in DC run in intervals, and while there is a board that tells you when the next train is coming, sometimes you can’t help but to dash to catch the train that’s on the platform before the doors close. This is especially true in the mornings during rush hour – if you see the next train is in 10 mins, and you hear the “doors closing” Ex Machina voice, then you might start to jog/run/full sprint from the platform steps to the train doors. Makes sense; totally fine.

BUT (and this is a public service announcement to ALL Metro riders) once you reach those subway doors, KEEP MOVING INTO THE TRAIN. Why? Because you aren’t the only one trying to get into the train, and there’s likely to be 3-4 people behind you trying to make those same doors. I have been caught in TOO MANY situations where I see some dude in a suit run to catch the train and then stop and take a breath of relief one step into the train. “I MADE IT!” he thinks as he essentially blocks the door for anyone behind him. UH UH SON. YOU GOTS TO MOVE.

Because essentially what you’re doing when you stop RIGHT THERE is you’re boxing me out like you’re playing zone D on the basketball court. When you stop, and I keep moving, you are forcing me to awkwardly do a wide step lambada on your back until you notice someone is there and you scoot forward. And stop looking back at me surprised and annoyed. “Oh some other people wanted to get on this train?” YES, MORON. GET STEPPIN’.

I saw one woman just stick her arm out and as the guy in front of her stepped into the train she just started pushing him like a lead tackler into the middle of the car. It was awesome….. Because I followed her into the same subway car. Nice work, miss. The stiff arm always gets ’em.

Has this ever happened to you? And what did you do, or WOULD you do? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s review: VÜK Pizza! (Pronounced VOOK.)


VÜK opened up near DC a couple months ago, and since  those who know me know I’ve been on a mission to eat more pizza this year than previous, the JFGal and I checked it out.

(BTW, we are on Week 24 of the year, and I’ve had pizza 25x so far. I think a little more than one pizza a week is respectable.)


VÜK is also a pinball machine reference. It stands for “Vertical Up Kicker,” or in other words, it’s the spring loaded plunger you pull back to launch the ball into play! And this place has all the classic pinball favs: Metallica, AC/DC, Star Trek…


…complete with a mirrored VÜK leaderboard on all the games. 672 million?????!! Scott N., who I think owns the joint, apparently had a lot of time on his hands when they were building the pizza ovens.


Still, it was clear that VÜK is meant to be a fun place for all. And it was – great atmosphere, lots of kids (and adults) running around playing pinball. I can’t remember the last time I placed a dollar into a machine to get quarters. Do kids these days even know what quarters are?


VÜK has some board games to play too, in case pinball ain’t your thing.  OMG YAHTZEE. I rule at Yahtzee. Come at me, challengers.


VÜK had some interesting decorations to spice up the joint, from the straitjacket by the entrance…


…to the Elvira glass homage before you even enter the VÜK. Am I on an island here that I know who Elvira is? Even the JFGal had no idea who she was. Did I just watch too many B-movies back in the day? Bikini Ski School Massacre, anyone?


The one large table at VÜK was adorned with classic football cards. The smell and feel of the place, outside of the games, definitely reminded me of classic pizzeria – small jars of garlic salt, red pepper flake, Parmesan, and oregano were plentiful.


VÜK offers classic pizza combos, although if you order ahead you can mix and match toppings. They also had slices to order. We settled for a classic pepperoni pie.


WHOA. This VÜK pie came piping hot. The crust wasn’t super thin like I expected NYC pizza to be, but it had a decent crisp to it. The pepperoni was perfect and the cheese did remind me of classic NYC Pizza cheese – thick, stretchy, and salty. The kind of cheese that accepts sprinkles of Parmesan, oregano, red pepper flake easily. Not fresh mozz – this was the type of cheese that gives you those long cheese trails from the tip of the slice.


Another pro: the flavor of the pizza was classic NYC Pizza. Nice basil/Italian based sauce that held up to the cheese. Sometimes pizzas like this tend to go sort of flavorless / non descript with the sauce, but this held up. Reminded me, flavor-wise, of every NYC Pizza I’ve had, down to the flavor of the dough.

Cons: not a true con, but this VÜK pizza was sooooooooo oily. Now I don’t mind a lil grease here and there; I’ll dab that stuff behind me ears like cologne. But this was the type where if you tipped the slice down, a POOL of orange oil came pouring out. I don’t know if it’s the oil content in the cheese, from the pep, or both… But it was a LOT. Like more than I’m used to seeing.

Still, I liked this place a lot. Great atmosphere, fun owners, and flavorful pizza. If the crust was a little thinner and the top less oily, this pizza place might be higher on my list. For now it remains a happy addition to my pizza rotation. I’ll be going back for Elvira anyways.


PRICE: $18 for the large

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  1. Alek says:

    That looks like a fun place! Thanks for adding to my list of must visit in DC.

    I hate when the train doesn’t even stretch the transfer point at Gallery Place and it is a mad dash to the train. COME ON METRO!

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