Review: Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls & I Can’t Stand A Fan Blowing In My Face

JFG Nation, a quick question: it’s summer so AC and fans are everywhere. A friend of mine told me recently that he lived in a place without AC, and that all he needed was a fan. Which, to each their own. I commented that if I only had a fan at night, I’d basically sleep on top of the covers with the fan at the base of the bed blowing up and over me to keep cool.

He replied “Oh, I stay under a blanket; I just have the fan blowing on my face at night, and that’s all I need.” Which sounded like the words of a madman to me.

Maybe I’m a complete aberration, but I can’t stand to have a fan blowing on my face…I feel like I’m being air tortured or something. This is different than being in a convertible or on a boat, where yes the air is blowing onto your face but also over your whole body. Just a fan on my face?? How the hell does THAT keep you cool? You’re gonna sweat your ass off under a blanket but as long as your face is nice and wind blown, you’re fine? Made no sense to me.

What do you think, JFG Nation? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls!!

Utz White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls

Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls

I’d been waiting for Utz to come up with a response to Herr’s Old Bay Cheese Curls, which I LOVE. After all, Utz makes amazing crabby potato chips! Why NOT cheese balls? Their answer: Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls. YES.


Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls are flavored with Chesapeake Crab Seasoning. Didn’t get the rights to say Old Bay, huh?





Opening these Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls, I could smell a bit of Old Bay. It was a familiar crab aroma that I knew and loved.

I crunched on several of these and had to pause – the flavor was VERY subtle. The Herr’s Old Bay Cheese Curls were aggressive; strong Old Bay flavor, super salty cheese, it was IN YOUR FACE. These were definitely subtle.


The more of these Utz Baked White Cheddar Crab Cheese Balls that I ate, he more I liked them. The crab flavor grew as I ate them. It was well balanced with the white cheddar flavor, which by itself is super creamy and round in taste – not too aggressive. Together these were a refined cheese ball. Well, as refined as a cheese ball could be – while it wasn’t bold, the crab and cheese flavor was balanced.

Both these and the Herr’s version are good; two sides of the same coin. If you want bold, go Herr’s. If you want balance, go Utz. I will be eating many bags of both.

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Van Ness, DC

COST: $2.00 on sale

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  1. TehBuLL says:

    I love fans. All fans. All times. It could be 20 degrees and keep that fan blowing in my face. But I generally just stick to a sheet in the summer because otherwise the mentioned sweat situation is real.

  2. MP says:

    JFG – Just tried Walgreens brand of cheese balls called ‘Nice!’. They’re about nickel sized balls & I think they have more cheddar flavor than Utz cheese balls. Would like to see a review on them! Currently they’re on sale 50% off with the Walgreens card.

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