Review: Crispy S’mores M&M’s & HERE COME THE ROBOT SUITS

JFG Nation, I saw this article the other day that Hyundai, the car company, is starting to develop robotic suits for humans to wear. They currently look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.09.06 PM

The article talks about how this is just the first step in helping factory workers, soldiers, and people with disabilities. And I get – the possibilities are endless. Better jaws-of-life for firefighters. Helping people with disabilities walk. This is future!

On the other hand, I’ve seen lots of movies and when I see this suit, I just think about the crazy APUs from The Matrix. Remember these? Is that what this is, Hyundai?? Are you preparing us for war with the machines??? Or…are you the creator of the machines, Hyundai? ARE YOU SKYNET? ARE YOU???

I dunno – what do you think, JFG Nation? Do you think this robot suit is progress, or does it sort of freak you out? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Crispy S’mores M&M’s!!

Crispy S'mores M&M's: The Money Shot

Crispy S’mores M&M’s: The Money Shot

So last Wednesday, I released a hot take: S’mores was not a summer flavor. The JFG Nation response? YOU’RE CRAZY, JFG. The example that was given to me over and over again was roasting S’mores on the beach. WELL GUESS WHAT. I DIDN’T GROW UP NEAR A BEACH. *grumble* Most of my S’mores roasting took place in the fall, near big bonfires, when there was a nice risk of setting the entire county on fire. But, point taken, JFG Nation. I guess I will accept that S’mores IS a summer flavor. I suppose.

So yeah – Crispy S’mores M&M’s! Let’s do it.



When I opened this bag of Crispy S’mores M&M’s and sniffed, I smelled intense deep chocolate aroma. Yep, they smelled like M&M’s. They certainly had all the color of S’mores – white marshmallow, brown graham, dark brown chocolate.


But did these Crispy S’mores M&M’s taste like S’mores? EEEeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh….I guess? Not to be super harsh, but this is one of those M&M’s flavors that just doesn’t translate. Some M&M’s flavors work (see Pecan Pie M&M’s). Others are meh (You, Gingerbread M&M’s. YOU.) These? More to the meh side of things.

There’s obviously good chocolate flavor, and there is a slight honey taste that reminded me of the Honey Nut Peanut M&M’s; when paired with the crispy rice, I GUESS it reminded me of graham…but not really. Marshmallow flavor? I didn’t get it. At all. Maybe my taste buds are off, and the candy shell had some marshmallow flavor, but the most I got was MAYBE a bit of maltiness reminiscent of the Easter Malt Eggs. Sure, I could close my eyes and IMAGINE that these were S’mores, but I just didn’t get it…definitely one of those situations where the more I ate, the less S’mores I got.

These tasted good, but I’m guessing if you ate these next to regular Crispy M&M’s, there would only be a slight difference. Sorry, M&M’s. I wanted to like these more!

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.98

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  1. Technosquid says:

    This is now the third review I’ve read or watched which said they couldn’t taste any marshmallow flavor at all. When I tried them, I thought to myself all I taste is marshmallow. Now, in retrospect, maybe that was just the power of suggestion. I have to give my taste buds another crack at these.

  2. Alek says:

    they should had added mini marshmallow bits or powdered marshmallows like from the hot cocoa mixes and add to the crisped rice. Also the graham can be easily switched for the rice crisp portion

  3. Sarah says:

    Pilsbury just released S’More Chocolate Rolls limited edition they sound yummy! You should review them, I bought one.

  4. MP says:

    I’m fine with the robots as long as it doesn’t take away human jobs. Progress in technology is inevitable.
    A beach? Lol. I grew up in the Midwest – we had cornfields, forests and backyard grills & firepits.
    I would assume other summer flavors are lemonade, raspberries, watermelon, hot dogs, potato, macaroni, or kidney bean salad. I don’t remember a lot of summer specific stuff.

  5. Gabe says:

    This whole let’s [literally] embrace technology thing is getting out of hand. It’s going to bite us in the ass. I don’t care how much self driving cars are supposed to eliminate collisions, at the end of the day I would so much rather die from human error than from tech glitches. Plus we’ve all seen enough dystopian movies to know how this ends… and yet here we are, still letting computers take over our lives. It’s bad enough no one can take a stroll around the block or a nap on the couch or eat a sandwich without their phone within arms reach – we’re all addicted to technology and it doesn’t need to go any further.

    I’m heartbroken that these M and Ms were a miss – I’m all for the s’mores trend. And I have to say that it does make sense for summer, since they’re traditionally made outside during camping trips and cookouts, etc. So I say let’s make this the summer of s’mores!

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