Review: Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies & HOT TAKE: S’mores Is Not A Summer Flavor

JFG Nation, are you ready for me to spit the hot fire? Maybe I’m just grumpy from the Caps loss last night…but I’m in the mood for a hot take. And here it is: S’MORES IS NOT A SUMMER FLAVOR.

There have been so many S’mores flavored products recently, and it’s just another example of the industry trying to associate a flavor with a time of year. Pumpkin Spice and Fall? I dig it. Gingerbread and winter? Done and done. Red velvet and Valentine’s Day? Ehhhhhhh I don’t love it. And now S’mores is everywhere as we approach Memorial Day.

Look I sort of get it. Memorial Day is typically the beginning of BBQ season and you make S’mores over open outdoor heat. But for me I always made S’mores over a fire in COLD weather; it’s a comfort food. Making S’mores when it’s 80+ degrees outside? NOPE. Never did that.

So yeah, knock it off. If you want a summer flavor, I say release more hamburger stuff! What else is more “summer” than burgers on a grill? HAMBURGER DORITOS. HAMBURGER CHIPS AHOY. HAMBURGER POPTARTS. Make it happen.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you can think of a better “summer” flavor, let me know that too.

Today’s junk food: Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies!!

Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S'mores Cookies: The Money Shot

Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies: The Money Shot

Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies are the next in a long line of dessert cookies that I’ve reviewed on this site before. I always worry about PF cookies – mainly, will the doughy cookie overwhelm everything?


Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies looks to have chocolate chunks, what I can only assume are marshmallow chips, and bits of graham.



Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies SMELLED decent – some marshmallow and chocolate aroma; I mainly sniffed sweet cookie.


I bit into one of these Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies and my speculation was confirmed – the sweet cookie dough had the strongest flavor and kept this from being a true S’mores cookie.

I could taste the chocolate and marshmallow fine – the blend was nice and strong, but I knew that was not going to be the issue in the first place.


These Pepperidge Farm Dessert Shop S’mores Cookies suffered from inconsistency and lack of graham/honey flavor. The picture two up had plenty of chocolate and marshmallow, but where are the graham bits? The picture above has lots of visible graham bits but lacked the other.

The graham bits themselves had decent flavor but it wasn’t enough to compensate for the loud general sweet cookie flavor. In a lot of ways, these tasted a lot like the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake PF cookies I reviewed a long time ago – the chocolate flavor was similar, the cheesecake chips were similar to the marshmallow chips, and the cookie overwhelmed. Boo.

Sorry, PF. Not a home run for me.

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Van Ness, DC

COST: $2.00 on sale

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  1. Shorneys says:

    Bullshit. Smores are a summer campfire STAPLE. Summer bonfire, fireworks, camping, marshmallows, smores. Sure, the chocolate gets a little runny even before you put the marshmallow on it (curse you, summer heat) but it’s totally a summer event.

    I will concede that they are also a fall event, since I get harvest time and bonfires and whatnot. But smores are summer, and you are wrong and dumb for disagreeing.

  2. MP says:

    I’ve only eaten smores in the summer; usually while camping or around a fire.
    Why wasn’t the cookie itself graham?

  3. Sophia Rester says:

    Personally, I think S’Mores season is whenever you feel like eating one, but will concede that access to open flames during the summer and fall make it more popular in those times of the year.

    That being said, the cookies look good, but I can see how they would be hit or miss based on distribution of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham bits.

  4. Anne Sutton says:

    I disagree. We always ate s’mores at the beach in the summer. Create a fire pit and roast marshmallows by the beach….and try not to get caught!

  5. DeannaR says:

    Typically, s’mores are dependent on a bonfire or open flame of some sort, and this usually isn’t commonplace in the winter. I do get cravings for s’mores year round, in which case I use the broil function on the stove 🙂

    Most people do not want to venture out into the cold or inclement weather to make s’mores, so the nicer summer weather is more conducive to spending time outdoors.

  6. Jeni says:

    Summer flavors I’d like to see more of: lemonade; pineapple-coconut; grilled cheeseburger (just not on Pop-Tarts).

  7. Alek says:

    Why not they had attempted a gooey marshmallow filling in the center!

  8. M says:

    Definitely incorrect here JFG. S’mores = SUMMER. EPIC FAIL.

  9. Beeb says:

    Gotta disagree with you on this one JFG. S’mores on the beach with a bonfire or over the fire camping are totally a summer thing.

    That being said, I am not a S’mores fan.

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