Review: Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato & OMG BROS SHUT THE EFF UP

JFG Nation! Hello from Vegas! I’m not even sure what day it anymore. All I know is that I hate $10 craps at the Casino Royale. DAMN YOU, CASINO ROYALE. YOU’RE LUCKY YOU HAVE A PEPSI SPIRE MACHINE.

As I mentioned before, follow my travels on InstagramTwitter @junkfoodguy, or Facebook. Also, after Day 1, the JFG is in second place in the JFG March Madness pool! I’ll take it!

One quick story: I had a very short flight to Vegas from San Francisco – it was only 1 hour and 10 minutes. It was late and I was tired coming off a VERY long work day, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I sat in my window seat, and the entire plane was basically quiet…except for the TWO DUDES BEHIND ME. 

These two guys had just met, and they were talking about EVERYTHING. LOUDLY. This wasn’t typical Bro-ing out behavior. What started as a quick conversation about the then-happening Tulsa-Michigan game launched into a full fledged conversation about offensive tempo styles for ACC teams vs. SEC teams. 

And the conversation evolved from there… then they began chatting about pro teams and how they’re fathers influenced those choices. Work talk followed next: What do you do? Oh, what do *you* do?  WHO CARES. The topics kept evolving, until the conversation literally turned into one guy encouraging the other to study abroad before he misses his chance, and the other bro sighing wistfully, “You’re right….you’re right.” WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

At one point in the talk, the small woman in the middle seat placed both hands over her ears and collapsed into her own lap. The guy in the aisle whispered under his breath “my god” each time we thought the conversation was over, and then started back up with some inane point about little league baseball. I wanted to ask them to please SHUT UP. 

The conversation ended finally when we touched down. When these two guys got up, they bro-hugged and the younger guy promised to travel more in his life. GOOD LORD. It was. RIDICULOUS.

Thankfully, the Casino Royale helped me forget that situation. DAMN YOU, ROYALE.

How is everyone doing, in general? How are your brackets? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato!!

Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato: The Money Shot

Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato: The Money Shot

Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato isn’t new, but I had it just recently before I left home, and wanted to talk about how much I liked it. Growing up, my dad would always get flavors like pistachio and butter pecan, and I’d always crinkle my nose and wonder why he didn’t get what *I* was getting: rocky road, rainbow sherbet, anything with caramel.

Now, 20 years later, I gravitate towards a flavor like pistachio more and more. #OLD – whatever.






Like most Talentis I’ve tried, the texture here was perfect. The flavor of this Talenti Sicilian Pistachio Gelato is nice and sweet; this is definitely a sweet pistachio flavor. The large bits of pistachio were really nice, and provided a nice chewy contrast to the smoothness of the gelato. Overall, the thing I liked about this the most was despite the added sugar, there’s still a decent deep nuttiness to the flavor. There’s a simplicity in this execution – smooth gelato, chunky pistachio bits – but the flavor itself was more than that. I got all the flavors of the pistachio that I get when I eat the nuts alone – the sweet meat of the nut, and the semi bitterness from the parts that touch the pistachio shell.

The more I ate, the more I liked this. It’s an old flavor, but it’s still around for a reason.

Ok – back to the tables. Have a good weekend, JFG Nation!

PURCHASED AT: Safeway, Chevy Chase, DC

COST: $2.99 on sale

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Discuss - 5 Comments

  1. Marianne says:

    I hate when a place is quiet and peaceful (as a plane should be!) and some idiot(s) think everybody wants to hear their thoughts. On a related note, I also hate when some yahoo chooses to BLAST his car stereo, as if we all want to listen to his choice in music. Which I usually think sucks and want to tell them how stupid they look. Oh well. #loudisnotcool

    Love pistachio. Classic.
    Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Michael says:

    Dr. Pepper. So entrepreneurial.

  3. Technosquid says:

    Glad to see Dr Pepper filling out the selection on that machine. Not a Pepsi product, but sometimes bottled and served in fountains with Pepsi. No 7up, though 🙁

  4. Elisa says:

    Reminds of me the Coke machines I’ve seen. I like getting the flavors that you don’t find in stores like grape and strawberry.
    Have a blast in Las Vegas! 🙂

  5. Russell says:

    Hey dude. Hope you going to reunions! QUESALUPA?

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