Review: Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs & Am I Crazy, Or Are Hotel Beds Disgusting?

JFG Nation, I’m going to be in Vegas this week for the first round of March Madness, and that means hotel rooms. Now, I’m sure that the casino I’m staying at will have nothing but hypoallergenic rooms, with no issues at all. But, am I crazy, or are hotel rooms generally foul?

We’ve all seen the Dateline episodes. Sometimes hotels only wash the sheets and not that top comforter. Sometimes they NEVER wash the pillows. I remember growing up, as soon as my parents would get into a hotel room, that top comforter would be OUTTA THERE – pulled off and away from the bed entirely. But were the blankets that looked they were from summer camp that were beneath any cleaner? And why IS it that those blankets are always beige? ALWAYS. BEIGE.

I have a friend that brings her OWN sheets and pillowcases to every hotel that she goes to, because (1) she is a maniac, and (2) because she refuses to let her skin touch any hotel sheets. Which, in some ways, isn’t a bad idea – besides the questions regarding cleaniness, there’s also the fact that sometimes, even in the nicest hotels, those sheets are like sandpaper. What are you washing these with, cement? Easy with the starch there, Marriott. These sheets feel like I should be making a cast out of them.

Most hotels I’ve been to recently give you five-seven pillows, which is fun if you’re building a fort, but completely unnecessary. Why am I sleeping on the lower half of the bed? I’ll tell you why; because the four body pillows are taking up the top half, that’s why.

Just in a gruling mood this morning, Nation. What do you think about hotel beds? Do you have any little traditions/paranoias about them? Let me know in the comments below.

Reminder: I am AGAIN having a March Madness pool, hosted over on Yahoo, where YOU can challenge ME to see who is the best college-basketball-March-Madness-picker. Go HERE for details and how to sign up. Let’s play.

Today’s junk food: Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs!!

Malt M&M's Mini Eggs: The Money Shot

Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs: The Money Shot

EASTER CANDY TIME!  With Easter only a couple weks away, it makes sense to dig into one of the products I’ve spotted on the shelves recently. It’s hard to do reviews of all the Easter candy out there because there’s just such a deluge of it come this time each year. But these Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs intrigued me. Maybe because I see the word “malt” and I think Whoppers. Are these mini Whoppers? They better be, M&M’s.


Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs contain…crisp rice??? Wait, Whoppers don’t have crisp rice. *immediately suspicious*


These Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs come in many shapes and colors, each one speckled with some dark blue pin dots. Visually, these are super fun. The shapes and sizes aren’t consistent, which I’m good with – I kind of like how these are all different. Makes me feel like I’m eating something not so processed – “Look, they are all different! They COULDN’T have come from a big machine, right?”


When you split one of these Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs, you see the layers – candy shell, layer of milk chocolate, and then…the crispy rice. WTH, M&M’s. These DEFINITELY aren’t like Whoppers then. Where’s the core of solid malt sugar???? Are these just egg-like Crispy M&M’s??


Crunchy on these Malt M&M’s Mini Eggs, that’s EXACTLY what they were – bigger Crispy M&M’s. There WAS malt flavor however – that sort of milky, milkshake-y flavor that you get when you chew up Whoppers. So these did have that….so, if you like Crispy M&M’s, these are an amalgam of two great textures/flavors in one? I guess so. I was really hoping these would be like mini-Whoppers, but they just aren’t. So if you’re buying these looking for that, you will be let down.

BUT, for what they were (i.e. malt flavored large Crispy M&M’s) these were quite tasty. I’d nosh these plenty. Nothing truly mind blowing, but totally eatable nonetheless. Thumbs up, Mars Corporation!

PURCHASED AT: Walmart, Germantown, MD

COST: $2.88

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me there. I also have Google+!! Let’s hang out.


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Discuss - 7 Comments

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m another crazy one. If possible I bring a sleeping bag. No need for sheets/comforters. I’m easily grossed out.

    So are these basically whoppers with crisp rice?

  2. Lindemann says:

    In a groping mood this morning, eh? Watch out, Junk Food Gal!

    Regarding hotel linens, you are crazy. They are washed more frequently than my sheets at home, I am sure. Of all the potential germ-transmission vectors, hotel sheets are not on my radar.

  3. MP says:

    I absolutely dread staying in hotels. The older the hotel, the worse. Who knows what kind of horrible things people have been doing in those rooms; especially while intoxicated. I’d rather sleep in my car. Just, no.
    As for March Madness, I always pick 4 of the top 8 seeds in the Final Four since that seems to be pretty reliable.

  4. Anne Sutton says:

    I have no problem with the sheets. Like the reader above said, I think they are washed and starched often. I do, however, have a big issue with the bedspread. Ick. I always take it off. I tend to travel with a small fleece blanket which suffices if the room is chilly.

  5. Marc P says:

    I travel often for business. My OCD doesn’t kick in too bad for this but the one thing that freaks me out is the remote control.

    I swear that I am going to see the thing get up and walk off on its own one time with all the lifeforms that are probably on that bad boy.

  6. That Foodie on the 11th Floor says:

    Bedspread flies off that bed pretty quickly. I also bring antibacterial wipes and before I touch the remote, door handles, phone, etc I run around wiping EVERYTHING. Even the countertops. And inside the drawers…sometimes. If that makes me crazy, THEN I DON’T WANT TO BE NORMAL!

    P.S. We’re going to Vegas in September and need hotel recs sooooo

  7. ruckus says:

    motel sheets don’t bother me – I’m just grateful for a place to lay my head down sometimes…

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