Review: Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix & Do You Wake Up Automatically?

JFG Nation, today is President’s Day, which means I don’t have work today, which means I literally opened my eyes only two hours ago. Hello. What’s going on in the world?

*Looks out window* SNOW!? Again? Well, weather gods, you win. I hibernated past my usual waking point.

As a 9-5 drone like many of you, I wake up (hopefully) at the same time every morning. I have those same moments as you where, once my body is attuned to an alarm, I now wake up three minutes before the alarm goes off. I lie there, staring at my phone until the alarm goes off, at which point I hit my phone screen and succumb into the living hell that is snoozing.

Even on weekends, where there is no alarm, I TEND to wake up around the same time, with no ability to fall back asleep. The JFGal is not like that. Unchecked, she will sleep until dinner.

But there are the rare days, like today, where I don’t open my eyes until 10:00 a.m. And I’m startled – what if today WASN’T a federal holiday. Would I have just slept past my alarm? What happened to you, internal clock?

The waking-up-automatically thing is both a blessing and a curse, I guess. What about you, JFG Nation? Are you like me, who wakes up three minutes before your alarm goes off every morning? Or could you sleep until sunset, needing an alarm to go off fifteen times before you get up? Let me know in the comments below.

Today’s junk food: Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix!!

Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix: The Money Shot

Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix: The Money Shot

Ah, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, my old friend. How is it that you never had a mustard variety before? Seems baffling to me. As a fan of mustard flavored things, I was STOKED to see this Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix in stores. You know those long oversized-pencil-pretzel logs? I could down a package of those with a jar of spicy mustard. Looking at the front of this package, I wish a tornado of mustard would take me away. Let’s eat these.



Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix contains smiles. Oh, and turmeric. Can’t forget the turmeric.


I opened this bag of Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix and sniffed; there was a faint smell of honey mustard. Not super potent, but it was there. The mix was a combination of both cracker fish and pretzel fish, each with a light powdering of something…mustard powder?


I tackled this Pepperidge Farm Honey Mustard & Pretzel Goldfish Mix in separate parts first. The crackers…they were slightly mustard flavored. The flavor wasn’t just in the powder, it was baked into the fish itself too. The honey mustard flavor was quick – it was medium-strength at first and then faded quickly into the savoriness of the cracker dough.

The pretzels – here, the mustard flavor was concentrated solely in the powder. Good mustard powder on pretzel flavor – evocative of Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces. The bag definitely had more cracker pieces than pretzel pieces.

Eaten together, the mix had a decent mustard flavor that, like the individual parts, faded quickly. Still, I feel like that’s ALWAYS the case for flavored Goldfish – unless you get flavor blasted versions, the flavor fades as soon as your chews turn the goldfish into dough-y mush. Still, that doesn’t mean this was a bad snack – not at all. I enjoyed these immensely even if they didn’t bowl me over with mustard flavor. I would have liked more honey mustard taste but the flavor that WAS there kept me munching happily.

For two bucks? Why not. Nothing mind blowing, but I liked these a lot.

PURCHASED AT: Wegmans, Germantown, MD

COST: $1.99 on sale

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Discuss - 8 Comments

  1. Kelly says:

    I never use an alarm and I wake up around 3 every morning. The kicker is that I don’t have to wake up that early (I stay home with my daughter) but I have an internal clock that is set to wake me up at the same time no matter what. If I go to bed earlier I wake up between 2 and 2:30. The plus is that I generally have at least an hour before my husband gets up for work and then 3.5 hours before my daughter is up. I don’t see how anyone can use a snooze button. Once I am awake I am AWAKE and could never go back to sleep for 3 minutes.

  2. MP says:

    Sometimes I wake up before the alarm, sometimes I need it. Snoozing is rare. I wake up every single day at the same time (holiday or not) and go to bed at the same times. I feel that consistent sleep / awake times are very important; even on weekends. If I get too much sleep, I’ll barely get any the next night.

  3. Tenko says:

    I wake up around 3, bit if I’m off, I go to bed & wake up later at 7 or 10. It’s automatic and annoying when I’m off.

    They should make turmeric flavored Goldfish. I wish turmeric became a popular flavor like ranch, actually. I love it.

  4. Michael says:

    I wake up very regularly without an alarm… After 12 hours of sleep. That is the magic amount my body seems to say is enough.
    Or I wake up around 7pm if I take a nap. Haven’t tested it much but seems to be regardless of start time.

    I commend anyone with a good early sleep schedule.

  5. Marianne says:

    Wow! I feel really lucky that I don’t wake up in the middle of the night like Kelly and Tenko! That would be hard to deal with. I fall asleep around midnight and wake up with no alarm every single day around 7:15. Cant sleep later even if I try. And I hate snooze alarms. Its a terrible habit to get in to.

  6. Joan says:

    The boyfriend wakes up every day- work or not- 4 AM! That’s madness to me, given he doesn’t have to work until 7:30!

    Me, myself? Im getting every second of sleep possible. Someone else said 12 hrs is their magical sleep amount. Same here! Once I notice im approaching 12 hrs sleep, I force myself up lol. And even after that I’ll lay on the couch watching reality BS for.30 min-1 hour. Depends on when the kiddo needs to get up. I couldn’t imagine waking up 3.5 hrs before my daughter like someone else mentioned. I’d love to believe/imagine id have a good workout routine though.. Lol.

    I love mustard as well. Most especially honey mustard (shout out to ken’s steakhouse HM!) I’d expect to really taste the flavor I chose/paid for.

  7. Mollie says:

    I haven’t needed an alarm in years due to insomnia and constantly waking up during the night. I don’t even own an alarm.

    How do the goldfish crackers compare to regular honey, mustard pretzel pieces? I love the flavor of those but they are so hard I fear for my teeth! I think the brand is Hanover. I’m always looking for a replacement for them.

    Thank you.


  8. Heather says:

    I just tried the honey mustard goldfish crackers today for the first time and love them! My favorite flavor used to be the flavor blasted pizza flavor, but the honey mustard is my new favorite. 🙂
    And Mollie, to answer your question, to me the flavor of these is really similar to the Hanover honey mustard pretzels (although it’s been awhile since I’ve had those, so my comparison might be a little off). I love the flavor of those too, but like you, they’re so hard on the teeth. D= These are softer (like the regular goldfish crackers) and much easier to eat for that reason. 🙂

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