SUPER BOWL POPCHIPS & More Prop Bets! Part 2

JFG Nation, more prop bets, MORE PROP BETS!

How long will it take Lady Gaga to sing the National Anthem? Over/Under 2 minutes, 20 seconds: The smart money HAS to be on the over. Ever since Gaga stopped wearing meat dresses and box helmets, she’s been looking like Lana Turner at every appearance as she presses her jazz singer image. So you know that on the biggest stage on TV, she’s gonna milk that moment. My only hope is that when she hits the AAAAANNND THE HOOOOOMMMMEE  OF THE BRAAAAAAAVE that hundreds of costumed extras wrapped in red tape come out and she vamps right into Bad Romance.

Will Peyton Manning be shown crying at any time during the game? The favorite here is apparently NO, which is why you should DEFINITELY bet YES. Didn’t you hear the Sheriff? This is his last rodeo! He’s walking away! C’mon, a moment like that has to make you shed one, right? I say it counts even if Peyton does that weird “stand in the middle of the stadium and slowly rotate around, taking everything in while eyes get watery” bit. C’mon, Manning. SQUEEZE ONE OUT FOR THE FANS.

We’ll do some more tomorrow, JFG Nation. Meanwhile, PopChips sent me some of their goods to remind me to remind you of a few things:

1. PopChips are good.

2. PopChips are a way to “decrease the grease” – no trans fats, msg, gluten, poison, or filled cupcake Oreos in these chips!

3. 6.7 billion potato chips are consumed on the day of the Super Bowl.

4. PopChips clearly wants to get a bite of that action.


To that end, they sent me some SUPER BOWL POPCHIPS:


You can find my reviews of every flavor you see above here. And PopChips aren’t without a sense of humor:


Oh, PopChips…you just lost that possible collaboration with Ugg Boots.

Anyways, just a quick hitter today. I’ll see you tomorrow, JFG Nation!

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Discuss - 4 Comments

  1. Lindemann says:

    I’m taking the under on the anthem. I don’t think she’s going to stretch it out that much. Stretching it out isn’t jazz.

  2. Radium says:

    I’m disinterested in patriotism (for any country) to an extreme, but man do I hate it when people put their own spin on national anthems. So disrespectful. The sheet music tells you what to sing and how fast to sing it – just sing the damn song.

  3. MP says:

    Oh man those chips look good – but no cheese flavor one?
    It’s too bad the Super Bowl is such long winded, dragged out billion dollar party & commercial ad farce, because it looks like a really good matchup for once. The #1 offense in the league vs one of the best defenses. I usually pick the better defensive team but it might not matter this time….

  4. Kahnfucius says:


    What is this, Great Moments in Poop History? The Forehead is so full of tears, it’ll be a true gusher.

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