MICRO-REVIEW: Dove Whole Cranberries in Dark Chocolate

Today’s junk food: Dove Whole Cranberries in Dark Chocolate!!

Dove Whole Cranberries in Dark Chocolate: The Money Shot

Dove Whole Cranberries in Dark Chocolate: The Money Shot




Certainly not a new confection, these Dove Whole Cranberries in Dark Chocolate have been out for about a year now. Still, this was the first time I’d picked them up. The idea of chocolate covered cranberries is so simple, I’m guessing most wondered what took so long. Craisins? Good. Chocolate? Good. Dove? Gooooood.

These ate as expected – great dark yet still decently sweet chocolate surrounding a big dried cranberry. The tart of the cranberry was muted by the chocolate but you could still tell it was a cran over say a raisin or anything else.

The coating was slightly waxy like most chocolate coverings but the Dove quality was apparent as I chewed more. Moreover, the biggest difference to me was that these were HUGE cranberries with THICK coating of chocolate. These ain’t no tiny Raisinet knockoffs.

PURCHASED AT: Giant, Van Ness, DC

COST: $3.99, no sale (ouch)

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  1. Isabel b says:

    I imagine you saying the lines “craisins? Good. Chocolate? Good. Dove? Gooooood.” the way Joey described the trifle that Rachel made in that one episode of friends.

  2. Technosquid says:

    I’ll throw a bag of these in with whatever I get my dad for Father’s Day. Dove dark chocolate and cranberries are among his favorite things in life.

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